No matter how you spell it, color always makes the difference 

Yeah well not really the same but if your stuck in the rat race this summer and can’t get away you really should try to at least give your eyes something fresh to look at. If your a length freak and don’t want to change the the length or shape then it’s time you added color to the equation. 
Having color in your hair is not to cover grey, it’s to add attitude! Think of almost any look and even if it’s a solid color the overall look changes everything when you add color, can take a boring cut to a over the top in your face look just with the color. If you need to cover grey then you can do it and look more natural than natural hair by adding various shades and tones of the same color which will give you that multi dimensional look, for those who don’t want to turn heads but stoop looking for attention. 

Give us a call or drop in and have a chat about what color could do for you. 


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