With everyone sharing their home food photos at a rate that we have never seen before it has been a “Ah ha” moment for us. Whilst in this house the art of creating food to take you on a journey has prodominantly been done by one, we have collaborated together to launch “The Ghee Spot”. Now whilst this is so popular it’s actually impossible to get a table, in fact we are unsure when bookings will be available.

Apparently it’s hard to find, not bragging but honestly we found it fairly well but be warned guys, you may need help finding it but once you do it will definitely be worth it. With various dishes full of flavour and tenderness will leave you satisfied and take your breathe away like you have nothing you have had before. Whilst on the expensive side for two apparently it’s best to try with 3 or more for a truly new experience.

Food is everything, it’s art, it’s sensual and it’s life says Celebrity Chef Merrylin from the “Ghee Spot”. We look forward to you finally discovering us and can’t wait to be opening ourselves up to the select few. Currently we are booked solid, it’s been super busy since we launched a few weeks ago and hope to be able to offer more seatings in the coming weeks. Stay tuned

Just because you eat food, doesn’t make you a foodie

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