Shopping for a little touch up?

Do you spend countless hours on line searching all things from how to bake the perfect banana bread to filling out travel horoscopes? 

You won’t say yes out loud, but I know your as bored af and it’s ok everyone gets bored from time to time.Is your version of a “touch up” getting your color done?

 Ok so let’s make sure you don’t get so bored you end up trying to lighten up your hair with lemon juice and household bleach and help you shop for a new color for your hair!

We are going to make this super easy for you so you can stop thinking and first thing tomorrow can book in for your new hair color. 

Are you able to return to the salon for Maintainence every month?

  1. YES -Great your ok with it then cool your options are wide open. 
  2. No -Your a realist that’s awesome, best for highlights maybe some ombré or sombre but subtle and not too much happening at the top so you can skip a month or two before getting any touch ups. 

Do you want people to notice it or does the color need to be subtle ( this means natural, not in your face and looks expensive )

  1. I want everyone to see it- Your options are mermaid pastel combination to a natural base to add depth
  2. Needs to be subtle – Ok so whatever your doing the color can’t be more than two shade difference from your natural color. 

It’s never about what others think because if your happy in your own skin then no matter what you do it will look good if you have the right attitude. So if it’s pastel then decide what tone, if it’s a natural color then it’s just a matter of matching your natural color and maybe you want to add a little lighter variation on ends then your ready to book in and finish the chat and get your new look. 

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