Line up for 2017

2017 has started and whilst some are still recovering from the year that was 2016 I know we are but we are set to make this year the best yet!

So what should we expect this year with hair, what’s new, what will will see more of and what for the love of god we hopefully won’t see again

Be seeing

  • Smoother hair, healthy hair kind of obviously but there will be more effort see more Hair that shines or Things we don’t do
  • Bangs, short cropped, long blunt, thin, thick it’s all about the bang but this one will last longer than your last one 😝 See more bangin inspiration
  • Guys don’t break out into a cold sweat you have some good news. Taper cuts & quiff’s it’s all retro. If your a rule breaker the 80’s bowl is back but not for the lighthearted or insecure. More taper ideas
  • Beach curls, although we saw our social media timelines infected with “how to get the perfect beach curls” it will still be happening this year. 
  • Neon colors yes glow in the dark color is a very new and super cool thing that’s happened. Not for everyone but if you have a per unicorn 🦄 then this is for you!

Turn me off in 2017

We will all be crossing our fingers and toes and hopefully stop seeing

  • Overdone hair, set looking hair
  • Box color
  • Hair that looks unhealthy
  • Asymmetrical haircuts! So done
  • Bad ombré that looks more like a bad DIY
  • The puff 

Yep these last ones drive is crazy but hoping not to see as much this year. 

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