Life in a fort Palace

So last weekend we decided to pack up the car and drive out of town considering the pollution was so bad but wanted to only spend a few hours driving. Didn’t know Neemrana had as many properties as they do and Tijara is only 2.5 hours drive. Play list done, car lollies done but didn’t end up eating any stopped at Mc Donald’s only because of the novelty of the drive through 😜

Arrived in 2.5 hours exactly 🚗

Funny how having no noise, a dog barking 3-4 km away can sound so peaceful, nothing but birds. The air was breathable and the serenity was overwhelming.

There is nothing much to do, Intermet is there and 4g is ok in certain spots but to be honest would have been ok if it wasn’t it’s a perfect place to chill and let your mind stop. If your looking for a getaway from Delhi that’s an easy drive then head over to Tijara Fort Palace but make sure you pack bathers even if it’s a bit cold the pool is amazing!

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