Lakme fashion week Summer Resort 2017

We all wait with baited breath every time there is a fashion week to see which way fashion is moving, what’s going to be the new thing and what will inspire us not only in the industry but in life. Attended Lakme fashion week this season and we saw some definite trends dominating the ramp with hair

  1. The selfie
  2. Braids, lots and lots of braids
  3. Messy hair
  4. Afro’s, yes afro’s! Loved it
  5. Shorter hair! Yes short hair and great to see some diversity in hair lengths 

The runway around the world we see hair very differently, it’s about creating a feeling, an attitude vs creating uniformity. As an Industry we all have to work towards bringing out the best in each look whilst maintaining the overall vibe. That being said it has been great week in Mumbai, a few exciting things happening which we will share soon!

We feel diversity is the only way to grow, doesn’t matter if we are referring to immigration ( with what’s happening in USA ), culture, weight, size and attitudes is when there is a melting pot of the best of everything. Embrace everyone’s uniqueness and in fact encourage diversity that’s what enriches the world as well as tolerance levels. 

See all the looks Here thank you Lakme & Img for having me 

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