Is your hair so F%* up you need weekly treatments?

So you listened to the hairstylist who said do this service, do that service. You went it weekly to get them to burnt it into place and you asked through the smoke each time, is my hair healthy?

Only to get a few months down the road to realize it was just about getting a sale and nothing to do with better hair at all! 

Sound familiar?

The reality is this, of your hair is Brocken off, fried, burnt and falling out in your hands you can do only two things

  • Olaplex, which will help contain the breakage to some extent but certainly not fix it completely. Weekly Olaplex treatments will help but not fix fried hair!
  • Cut off the damage, the only real cure to remove split, Brocken or fried hair and that’s a fact!

Linseed treatments by Alfa Parf Milano help rehydrate the internal structure of the hair and if your colouring your hair we suggest a monthly treatment but not more than that it’s pointless. 

Use a good shampoo and conditioner daily and a leave in serum and moisturiser and make sure the blow dry you get they are not burning your hair ( if the dryer is being pushed against the brush and sounds like it’s burning, most likely it is! )

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