Is your color fading?

You have spent the time, money and effort to get your color done but it fades why?



Lets clear the air by saying that your regrowth growing out is not color fading, this is called your hair is growing and a seperate issue than your actual color fading.

Here are some reasons your color will fade;

  1. It was not treated the way it was meant too when it was coloured, could have been lightened too much and the cuticle is damaged and the tone changes
  2. Your shampoo is too harsh and causing it to fade
  3. You are not conditioning it, open cuticle means the color will fade
  4. Using oil, guess again it will actually make your hair shinny but dehydrate your hair faster than anything else. Yes don’t oil your hair!
  5. Its dry and too porous to hold the color
  6. An unrealistic approach to reaching your desired color, it was done too fast rather than taking several applications to reach your goal color it was done too fast rather than over several visits

As you can see it is more than one reason actually there is a lot more, so before you get your color done, make sure you talk about maintenance of the color you are doing!


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