I want you home by 5 and grown your hair!

It’s a sad situation that in a world that can send a human to the moon we think it’s ok to dictate to another human how to wear there hair! Ironically If your in prison or in the Army then I guess you should be told what to do with “your” hair but if your in a relationship I really doubt anyone on planet earth should think they have the right to tell you how to wear your hair!

Don’t cut it too much my husband will go crazy!

I would think most people in the world who respect themselves would consider this mental & emotional abuse. To think that one person who is meant to love you, will suddenly stop loving you ( or dictate there view with consequences if not followed ) is simply crazy and depressing!

When we have clients in the salon that say “I would love to cut it short but I can’t, what to do” our reply is cut it short! People should be free to wear there hair, long, short, color or no color as they wish without fear from persecution from anyone especially people who are meant to be there for you unconditionally. 

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