How to spoke a fake! 

We have all seen you unedited, in fact no one actually recognises the tuned up you, is it even you. With your long nails editing randomly in your phone while ordering your next decafe skinny latte.

Please for the love of God, stop uploading these hideous images which are meant to be used in moderation yet you think you can perform Caitlin Jenner type transformations without the surgery. You’re looking fake, we all love you but pls stop I really can’t keep seeing your images and I can’t hide you on Instagram or trust me I would hide you and lock that up.

Oh in case your reading this and thinking omg I have seen those people, I only use it a little. No I’m talking directly to you babe 😘
This is a community service announcement for all those people who think posting images looking like plastic vs an actual person 

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  1. Really don’t know why some parlours here only advertise price all of us want good hair and every time getting shit hair and finally a salon that does that. thanks Rod and team for being real hairdressers

  2. After trying other salons that advertise I decided to come to your salon and get my hair done, was scared about the price to be honest but surprised it was not that expensive, the music the coffee and the hair!!! I love it thank you so much!!!! I never comment on posts lol

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