How to make your hair look like you have more!

At some point most people think they are going bald, it’s falling out and not the same head of hair you had when you were 22, well guess what it won’t be and that’s not an indication of how it will be long term. At any given point 10% of your hair is dying and will be replaced and there isn’t anything you can do to change that, that’s the cycle of life. What we tend to think is that there should be no hair in your hands when you wash it but that’s simply false. In the scope of normal you will loose approx 100 hairs a day, if you wash it every second day you may notice both days of hair fall at the same time and think your going bald ( 2 days =200 hairs approx ).

The longer the hair the flatter the top will typically be, cutting layers into it has its limitations as the longer it is the longer the layers need to be, the shorter the layers the more disconnected it will be snd the more bulk you end up removing from the ends.

If you trim regularly the ends of the hair are blunter which gives it a more fuller finish, less layers rams more bulk on the ends. It’s somewhat of a compromise when it comes to length, if you want extreme length you have to sacrifice volume or diversity in style as the longer it gets the less options you have in terms of change being drastic.