How to make your hair grow faster

Is it possible to increase the growth of your hair? When the growth of your hair is internal and not directly affected by external factors on growth rate so how can you make it grow faster?

Well once you know there are 2 key factors to think about the 1st is having the right diet with the right vitamins and protein intake to ensure your body is adequately supporting it and 2nd is removing damaged ends to ensure the length doesn’t split off and cause a decrease in length due to breakage and damage.

Now given that almost everyone’s hair grows at much the same rate 1.25cm a month give or take a small % if you trim the ends to make sure it’s healthy every 6 weeks by day .5cm you are still gaining over a 1cm but more importantly no split ends.

A large factor is Dna and diet when it comes to the strength and density of your hair and the longevity of the length is determined by how you treat it. Don’t abuse it with excessive heat and chemicals and expect a trim every 6-8 weeks will get you healthy hair alone.

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