How to get your hair summer ready now!

Summer is here and unless you are planning on walking around with a bucket of chilled water you need to start planning now how to keep your hair hydrated! Its like anything with a little preparation you can have the best hair but if you leave it until its too late, its too late!



Things you can do now to get your hair ready for 40+ degrees daily

  • Get a trim, yes every 6-8 weeks at least regardless if you are growing it or not, the ends need to be removed to ensure no split ends appear
  • Don’t overlap your color, just because you are getting your roots touched up doesn’t mean the ends need to have another chemical over the top of them, this is not needed most of the time and only should be done every 3-5th color if at all! Depending on the color
  • Don’t over use hot styling tools like irons, tongs blow dryer etc
  • Always condition
  • Stop putting coconut oil on your hair! Dehydrates and causes the hair to loose moisture rather than what you think it adds!
  • Get a linseed moisture treatment every time you get a cut during summer, adds moisture tightly into the hair and rehydrates the hair


This’ll get you started but if you already ae struggling then drop in and see us and let us work out what is the best options for you!

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