How to get the best Blow

You have read every blog and watched every youtube video on how to blow dry your hair yet still you ain’t getting it!


We thought to share the top 5 tips on how to make all the difference in your blow out, that will give you so much free time, you will have to find other ways to fill your morning!

Top 5 tips

  • Comb through with a wide tooth comb when the conditioner is in the hair
  • Pat dry, don’t rub it like its a wet dog
  • Air should face downwards along the hair shaft when drying
  • Always finish each section with cool air, this closes the cuticle and gives a lot of shine
  • Use a light weight serum pre blow drying as this will protect the hair from the heat and help close the cuticle


Part of what we do is to teach you to be able to manage your hair yourself at home, its one thing to cut your hair and have it looking good when you leave, its another thing to have you look good every day, after all isn’t that what you want?

If you simply could not be bothered then its time to call us!

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Photographer – Rod Anker

Model- Merrylin Boro


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