How to get shinny Hair

Apparently one of the most searched things to talk about is how to make your hair look healthy vs actually making it healthy. Now whilst obviously prevention is better than trying to fix something that is already ruined but we will share with you one of the best keep secrets to get shinny hair immediately!


Now there are a zillion masks, treatments, hair spa’s, oils, serums etc etc on the market and some work to some extent and some are just nonsense that are cosmetic vs actually making any difference. To have shinny hair it is the light reflecting on the outer layer of the hair ( the cuticle ) now if the cuticle has been damaged, could be from blow drying, using hot styling tools or overdone colour or keratin etc then no amount of ” Spa” or treatment is going to fix it anytime between now and Xmas so how do you look good for the holidays?

Here is how!

We use a clear gloss that is low in ammonia and will act as a lacquer over your hair, won’t change your colour, won’t damage your hair but will get the light reflecting off it today! Now whilst this will make your hair feel better it is NOT a repair service it is simply to help it look better. Depending on the condition it can make a huge difference, it will wash out so it is safe to do and won’t have any long term negative effects!

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