Has your hairdresser pushing harder than a drug dealer?

The reality is a lot of people have got into this business to exploit, both consumers as well as the industry, to get as much out of it as possible at any cost with little or no regard for hair, integrity or reputation. 

The flip side of this reality is that thankfully the consumer is catching up especially in areas that has been most effected. 

20-30 years ago in the west it was exactly the same, make as much as you can as fast as you can, like a kid that’s been given free range at the candy store with eyes bigger than his belly. What happens is eventually what you promise can’t be delivered because your only focus was maximising turnover versus maxamizing quality and building relationships. It should never be about rebates or group discount over quality and Developement. 

Our philosophy is simple, if your better off with it then without it, then we will tell you otherwise we won’t. The only focus is on helping you have the hair you want everyday, not just getting the biggest sale from you. 

Now not all salons are like this but the trend is this, do everything, do deals, coupons, discount etc and people will try it, the reality is the people you attract only want it because it’s cheap, they don’t want quality nor understand it, they want cheap. We educate hairstylists around India but also throughout the world and this is bought up almost every single time. Hairdresser get it but sadly others don’t. 

Alfa Parf Milano values are about sustainable hairdressing, education and a long term relationship inward as well as outward and that’s why we choose them  to be our primary product of choice. 

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