Hair Trends Fall Winter 2016

Yep you read it right, winter is around the corner! Feels like every year by the time we stop complaining and get used to each season the next one is here. 

This season with hair we have some very cool looks that are gaining momentum in the “real world” which are easy to do and give a lot of versatility with styling. From Sea Salt styling spray to Matt paste it’s all about free moving hair that looks effortless!

So what cut’s are in?

The Lob with either solid overgrown bangs or micro bangs

The mullet, again bangs are optional be it short or long. 

For the guys?

Disconnected is in but undercut is out

Texture texture! Keep the sides short with a smooth taper finish

What’s happening with color?

Similar to makeup contouring, hair color contouring is the big thing now, whilst some play it down it’s real and it works. Using various shades and precise placement of color we frame your face in the most flattering way. 

It’s plastic surgery without the knife!

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