Explain to me what you are waiting for again

Its easy to say, I will do it when XYZ happens or I will commit when ….. the reality is the perfect time never comes and will never come, if you are waiting for something to change or someone to change the reality is it or they won’t. Time moves even if you are standing still waiting and its important to be the one who is in control of your life, its not a game, its your life!


Doesn’t matter if you are waiting for your hair to be a certain length, or if you are waiting for the right time to resign, the reality there will never be a right time. The right time is when you decide enough is enough, take the step to be the best person you can be today for you, don’t keep giving part of you to someone or something that in reality doesn’t deserve you or your time. Get that hair cut, buy that dress, take that holiday and live life!

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