Everything you do is WRONG

Ever been in a situation that it feels like nothing you do is enough, everything is NQR and your falling short of delivering basic? I think we have all been there, you have to drag yourself out of it, the person critiquing needs to cease on the ” this is not right” mumbo jumbo and you need to kind of let it slide over your head and not take it personally otherwise you will end up simply not trying anymore and getting depressed. 

Just had a heart to heart with two of our lovely clients who said before coming to us they always had anxiety before visiting a salon due to the stylist’s criticism about there hair, the cut, the color etc. 

A professional stylist should never do anything but make you feel comfortable rather than making you feel self conscious of your hair, your look or the decision of who cut your hair last. Visiting a salon is firstly about the work and about making you feel like the best version of you possible.  

If your salon is not making you feel good then maybe it’s time for a change!

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