Do hair masks do anything?

The ritual of doing a hair mask or a face pack in itself sends a message that you are doing your bit of “self care” which makes you feel good but does it do much more than that?

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A conditioner typically will say leave on 3-5 minutes and even if it worked instantly ( fyi which most do ) our minds think a few minutes is going to be better, more conditioning. Sadly it doesn’t work like that, it’s instant and whilst you can leave it in longer not much is going to happen if anything. Now a mask is typically a thicker consistency or let’s say stronger product and the same rule applies however leaving it on a few extra minutes makes us all feel like it’s better but in reality 2 minutes or 20 min isn’t going to make a difference.

The majority of hair requires regular Maintainence which if it gets it and even if coloured shouldn’t need much or anything more. Remember prevention is better than cure!

Now if you still want to put that face pack on and a hair mask and sit gossiping to your bff go right ahead because that in itself is therapy for the soul right there!

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