Coffee + Donuts with Mohit Kumar Sain

We had coffee with Mohit this morning and touched base on life and hairdressing!

Having worked with Rod for the last 5 years there has been a lot that has happened from several seasons doing hair at Amazon Fashion week to various photo shoots for fashion magazines to putting up with Rod, he sure needs a medal!

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Having styled many Bollywood celebrities Mohit is not a newcomer when it comes to hair and creating beautiful hair! So we thought to ask a few questions to get to know Mohit a little better so here goes!

What do you like about working with Rod?

I have learnt so much since I have met Rod, the great thing is that he treats me as an equal and values feedback and opinion, its not a usual thing in the Industry and whilst he can be a pain in the *&^ sometimes, he always has the best intentions ( usually lol )


Do you love doing Bollywood actresses? 

I really don’t think there is any difference between a Bollywood celebrity and my regular day to day clients, hair is involved and to be honest it is no difference. I recently did a singer that had over 3 million followers on social media and although thats not the highest amount ( Jacqueline at 16.5 million ) at the end of the day the followers or fan base doesn’t change what I am doing, dooesnt matter if they weren’t on social media or only had 10 followers, my work is what is on show and thats all I focus on!


The future?

Like everyone I have big dreams and the one thing that Rod is always telling me is that you can have the world, you just have to believe it. I want to have my own salon and Develop my skills further to be the best possible version of myself as I can be. I don’t think that there is an end to learning or growing so I am excited about the future and what it has instal.


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