’90s Babe

When I talk about the 90s, a rush of nostalgia hits our mind; a decade that was ruled by some of the craziest fashion trends, I can’t pick my favourite, there was too many. Maybe it will be pencilled brows with blonde hair but I’m not locking that in because I have too many favourites. Remember, Courtney Love, Drew Barrymore, Gwen Stefani!

When it comes to the weirdest styles of this decade, I find it very hard to decide between fountain head (AKA the famous coconut tree) and porcupine up do’s (the funkier version of a bird’s nest); I think now when we look back, we all would scream “What the hell were you thinking?” Thank god for no Facebook during that time,  some of us were lucky enough to have missed out on having the evidence on line.

Which will be that one look of the ‘90s that we just can’t get over?   If Winona Ryder’s face just flashed through your mind, I am talking about the iconic babes who slayed pixie cut, and made a cult during the ‘90s. The ’90s were a time for reinvention and experimentation which we all can take a leaf out of and try something new.

They will inspire all of us to go for a chop!




By Konika Dastidar


Demi Moore


Gwenyth Paltrow


Halle berry


Linda Evangelista


Natalie Imbruglia


Winona Ryder

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