5 things not to do in the salon

So besides the fact that it’s Christmas week, let’s make it clear a few things you should not do in a salon ( in no particular order ). We know for a lot of people they search for a salon based on location or price or even Facebook numbers! If you want a whatever salon and don’t really care then congratulations “average” is everywhere.  If your after more then make sure you don’t do these things in the salon when you turn up 10 min late. 

  1. Safe to say walking in, not saying anything other than the words “Cut” is not going to get us off on the right foot!
  2. Don’t tell us how to do your hair,tell us how you want it. Doing hair is our job. 
  3. Use the salon with respect, talking on a phone so loudly is plain rude, people come to the salon to get away from this. 
  4. Don’t ask a professional hairdressery ” hurry up ” as that does not end well at all. 
  5. Bring your lunch in and spread it out all over the salon thinking your on a picnic with your hairdresser. 

Yes seriously all of these happen!

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