2020 Fresh color is in your cart!

By now you must have so many reference images of your dream hair or at least an idea of something you will try before the year is over. Once things are over there is really no reason why not!

Can you imagine what sitting outside having coffee would be like

A good place to start is understanding what you don’t like, do you want to keep your hair long? Are you after low Maintainence?

From these basic questions you can refine your search and fine tune what you like and don’t like.

We predict the Lob will be a front runner!

With every human on the planet a little if not a lot bored with looking at themselves in the mirror, it’s a good mix of long ( so you can still wear it up ) and ease of styling to wear it down and not look drab! See lots of ideas for Lobs

Via Why dry cutting helps

So get yourself armed with the right references for when we reopen and get yourself mentally ready for sexy hair! If you are tired of styling your hair, Check out why our method works

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