How to evolve your look, one month into 2018

In life at times things get a little let’s just say blah, doesn’t matter if we are talking about work or relationships we have to make an effort to keep ourselves interested and interesting. With our hair we tend to get busy and forget to evolve our look from year to year let alone season to season and it takes effort and planning to do it.

Nothing like the first month of the year to get ourselves into a new chapter and change our look, it not only keeps you looking on point but keeps life interesting.

Merrylin’s earlier micro bang Shag

New Year New look The bowl

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.24.54 pmScreen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.24.28 pm


Merrylin Boro With her fresh AF bowl cut to get 2018 looking fresh.
If your thinking of a fresh new do then give us a call and we can sit and discuss options or plan out how to take the step over the next few sessions so it’s not so dramatic.

Order off the Hair menu

Beautiful hair can not be set into a menu or a series of looks other than to give you a vibe of the type of look the salon wants to show you. The trick to getting the right hair is as much about having a synergy with the brand/stylist that you both get it when it comes to the end result. Obviously they have to be skilled enough to do it and not just say they are the best!

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When you got a mouth full of hair?

Nothing worst than going in and getting a mouthful of hair, kind of a mood breaker if your locks are not maintained!

Shaving it could be an option but let’s talk Maintainence in case you don’t want to go bald. Guys with stubble, their face will act like Velcro and your hair will stick all over his face, which in itself can be ok unless your out with friends or family. Then it can look like things are getting hot when it was just an innocent peck intended. 
Let’s start with a few things you can do to prevent this!

  • Leave in serum like Cristali liquid by Alfa Parf which closes the cuticle and keeps the cuticle surface smooth.
  • Regular trims, removes split ends which in turn creates smoother surface.
  • Pony tail, keep it high which will keep your face and neck free for playtime.
  • Pre planning is better if you can manage to shampoo and condition before it’s better, remember the smell of your shampoo on wet hair is like a wet dog, it’s not cool so dry it!
  • A little perfume inside your hair so he can’t smell the smoke from the night before your hair absorbed in the club ( when you said you were home watching re runs of friends)

We hope this helps you not giving your guy fur balls, the rest is up to you!

31 Days into 2018, what have you done-You get one life!

It’s Such a common phrase, some people have the best excuses and at times it would be easy to sit down and give up, not try, not put in effort and maybe just maybe most people would. But we are put on this earth, given life and it’s a gift, shouldn’t you make the most of it?

Shouldn’t you be a positive influence in people’s lives? Isn’t that what it’s about?


Well its about to be February of 2018 and I am sure that we all started with the best intentions for the year, so what have you done to make your dreams come true this year? 31 days down

It’s one day or Day one, you decide!

Sexy hair leads to sexy times!

No we have decided to sell coloured condoms, yet we are sure that some would think we should it makes perfect sense. Well we do sexy hair, sexy hair leads to sexy times or something like that but we are not. We want to give you the 401 on maintaining your hair color.

You can do everything right and yet sometimes things still go wrong, could be the water could have been the state of your hair before you coloured it or a act of mystery but 99% of the time if the color is done properly it’s what and how you treat it when you leave the salon. Simple fact to remember the better the condition, the better the longevity of the tone and shade of color.

  • Use a sulfate free shampoo always always always
  • Always condition, yes guys too every time you wash you condition. This closes the cuticle and keeps the color from fading.
  • If it’s blonde, use a brightening shampoo like the one we stock from Label M alternate days. It’s purple and helps reduce gold or yellow pigment.
  • Don’t use oil! Do t care what your mum or grandmother say it’s wrong! It coats the hair, makes it shinny but acts like a coating on the hair shaft making moisture dry out internally hence effecting the color dramatically.
  • Don’t try and do DIY hair expecting it to look like anything on Pinterest other than a disaster. Trust professionals only.
  • Don’t shop solely on price, sad reality is whilst some will try there best to convince you they are the best yet once it’s done you will end up spending more fixing it!

So before you head to a salon and tell them what to do like your ordering your dinner at a take away do your research on line, check what work the salon does, check check and recheck. It’s your hair so do your research and once you have left the salon make sure to look after it!

Awesome hair happens in Salons not under a tree

You may as well asked them to solve global warming and you thought creating a taper cut would be fairly basic yet sadly it’s not!


Guys it’s time that you realised that your hair is your outfit, you can not spend 5 min on it and expect to look like a GQ model. Having a reference picture and idea of how to style it is not left to celebrities or Bollywood it’s expected from you too!

The best way to get what you want and something  that not only suits but something you can manage and replicate you need to go to someone that “gets it”.

We do, come and see how we can change things for you!


Call 011 4101100

Do you ever wonder why if they are that good they offer 50% off?

Ever wondered why some companies only sell on discount rather than quality?

Always 10%-50% off or buy one get two etc etc

You put on sale or discount fish on the second day!

This is your next haircut

Throughout time style changes and evolves and the beautiful thing is that it gets re worked to be current given life and the things that have changed, This Bob is everything, the length, the texture is beautifully feminine and easy to maintain so much so you need to do it now!


Styling this is easy and we will show you various ways to wear it, could be worn smooth and straight although why would you or can be more natural soft and cool!

Why your hair looks like its been chewed by a Rat!

We met someone recently who shall remain nameless ( lets call her Sally lol )

She had gone to another Salon and had some “chunky” foils done, wanted to look a little edgy ( apparently ) and ended up looking like her hair had been chewed by a hungry rat that fell asleep halfway through its meal!


Now was the cut wrong, well technically no, it was the color that was creating the look which was, lets just say we had chest pain the entire time until we could fix it! Now if it was all the one length then this type of ” chunky ” color could be done and not look as bad ( although its circa 1990 and a little too Spice girls for our liking but hey its your hair right )

Word to the wise, if you want chunky color there is a way to have it without it looking like this, try a peekaboo type color in the bottom half which gets the color poking itself out in the bottom rather than doing this blocking highlights which is not only not cool on the eye but also high maintenance.

Searching for a gloss?

The search is over people! We have a treatment that gives you ONLY SHINE!


Yes move over Kylie this is the one treatment that will give you shine, doesn’t work on anything just shine. We have it in stock and if you are feeling dull and lacking that lustre then this is it!


Call 011 410 10011

Take these on your next trip!

It almost seems like a distant memory that you went on a holiday, maybe it was or maybe the last few weeks have been a little more than annoying who knows but we have some things you must be taking on your next trip away that will have your hair looking HOT the entire time. So no more just been shagged look, unless thats the look your going for.


Space is limited in your bag, 30kg’s hardly gets your shoe collection let alone your hair equipment and product entourage etc.

Things you should take 

  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • A serum to keep the frizz at bay, and to resurrect your do the following day
  • Dry shampoo, unless your going on a beach holiday then why bother the sea water will do wonders
  • Silk pillow case, sounds a little OTT but will help you be able to sleep like a princess and not wake up looking like Shrek
  • Hair Tie’s, yes bring a few, god knows you will loose half of them anyway! Good idea if you are swimming to tie it up that way your not spending time doing hair before you go out later in the night
  • Hairdryer’s are usually there in most hotels but maybe a good idea if you are relying on it to confirm with them prior to going!

That should be all you take, if your packing more then its not a holiday its a work trip





Run out of Shampoo? Do you need to change it once in a while?

There is a myth that every second or third bottle of shampoo, you should change as your hair gets used to it and stops working. Its not true, the reality is you may have dry hair ( for example ) and you get some shampoo for dry hair, you use it and take care of your hair, get regular trims etc for the next few months and its starts getting better. Finally its feeling healthy and normal again since all your time and energy went into fixing the disaster it was.


Now the second or third bottle in, you don’t need that shampoo now because your hair is not dry and damaged, so you need to change. If you use the same shampoo its not bad but useless in terms of fixing anything as its not dry and damaged any more, makes sense right?!

Always just check if the products you have are working for you at the moment you get your hair done, maybe it needs changing or maybe its working just fine, filling up bathroom cupboards with products is not what we do, nor should you!

Looking washed up after your fancy color?

There are still a few people out there who think getting a bright pastel color requires us pulling a tube out, putting it in a bowl and applying it to your hair, then boom you look like a mermaid and life is perfect. Well there is a lot more to it than this sadly, so we thought it best to spell it out and squash a few myths so you can then asses if its the right thing to do or not.


To get a bright pastel color or even a pastel color the hair has to be light, now if you have blonde hair naturally then congratulations you are 80% there but if your hair is dark then it HAS to be lightened up ( yes bleached ) and depending on the color you want to the level it has to be lightened. If you mix paint think like you are in kindergarten for a minute, mix blue and red you get purple so if you lighten it put to red/ orange the result if you want blue will be somewhat a purple color but your accuracy is going to be loose.

Ok so you have managed to get the color after 2-3 sessions of lightening your hair, each time sitting in the salon for 2-3 hours and your scalp feels more like you have been beaten up than had a pamper session but you look good!

Now the minute you wash your hair the color will start to fade, sure you can use the right products to help, like a sulphate free shampoo etc but it will fade eventually depending on the condition, color etc etc.

Once it fades and it will, you will find that it fades uneven and your left with a patchy mermaid back stage groupie kinda look. If you at this point want to do pastel again then you have to possibly deal with the base you have and decide what color to do again if you want to change it, if you want to go back to a natural look then colouring over it will work but keep in mind just because its then dark and looks natural, chances are it will feel coloured and you need to treat it like it is coloured and be extremely careful with it!

If you are still keen then drop in, we love doing fun colours but will always make sure you are 100% informed before we start!

Natural Texture Hair the easy way

We have been asked this a LOT, its kind of one of those things that even after you are told it feels like you are missing something, like we are holding back one deep dark secret! There is a lot of hairstylists we have been told that over work the hair and create work making it look like its effortless ( which has the opposite effect! )


Well the way we feel about the “Diffuser” pictured above being taken for a ride is more than love! Its the one tool that no matter what, can’t be replaced, it is basic and been around for years but brilliant!

Not an expensive tool, fits most hairdryers and once on disperses the heat and air to create a “soft blow” ( Pun intended! ) Using it slowly and gently to dry your hair, lightly scrunching and we mean lightly and ry it till your hair is about 80% dry then STOP!

Now, if you need a little help then bring your hairdryer and diffuser into the salon we will give you a one on one class on how to create beautiful natural texture that doesn’t look like overdone hair trying to be cool.

So before you start building up your “natural” look hair think twice about using product, possibly a serum but thats about it, remember the more product you use the more it will look simply messy and not have that natural texture to it!


Model-  Merrylin Boro

Hair – lol

Photo – Rod Anker

Love me but don’t touch my hair

We have all seen it, we hear you all hate it yet daily we see over and over again hair that should not be touched let alone run your hands through it!

You wanted something sexy and yet your wearing your hair in ringlets, like a little rag doll circa 1950’s, ALERT its not cool it looks terrible unless your going to a fancy dress party and have been told to come looking like a hand me down rag doll. Sure curling it into one solid mass curl on either side of your face may keep it curly a little longer ( good for you ) but looks like you did it with both eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back!

Did you?

If you don’t want to look stupid, you want to have all eyes on you in a. good way then its time to change Salons and get your butt into see us!

When you are wearing this seasons outfit and 5 year old hair

Every Season you are reminded to buy fresh clothes right? Or for some its simply opening social media and seeing how that new pair of shoes is going to change your life and if you buy that you really need to get the bag to match and if you buy 2 then you get a code for 20$ discount so why not get it all! lol


Yet you do this with the same cut and color you have been doing for the last 5 years, head to the salon and screw the hairstylist for cheaper and always rush them. Yep reading it kind of makes sense right? Well if its doesn’t then please close down this tab and walk away, clear history and never return or mention our name!

Your hair has seasons too, every season a few small changes can make a huge difference and will help evolve your look, we are not talking long to short kind of change, we are talking slight changes over time which helps bring your hair from one season to another seamlessly and yet still look current.

If you are tired of the same old same old then give us a call, drop in for a chat and work out how you can get the ball rolling on your hair!

Call 011 410 10011

Beautiful comes in all shapes, sizes and stuffed crust!

Do you have a type? yeah I like nice people, attracted to people with a god soul and a great personality, sure aesthetics make for first impressions and help a little but if your a knob, doesn’t make any difference after the first 5 minutes.


Big, small, tall or short, long hair, short hair, pink hair, no hair…your can be beautiful just the way you are!

Love yourself first!

How to get the best Blow

You have read every blog and watched every youtube video on how to blow dry your hair yet still you ain’t getting it!


We thought to share the top 5 tips on how to make all the difference in your blow out, that will give you so much free time, you will have to find other ways to fill your morning!

Top 5 tips

  • Comb through with a wide tooth comb when the conditioner is in the hair
  • Pat dry, don’t rub it like its a wet dog
  • Air should face downwards along the hair shaft when drying
  • Always finish each section with cool air, this closes the cuticle and gives a lot of shine
  • Use a light weight serum pre blow drying as this will protect the hair from the heat and help close the cuticle


Part of what we do is to teach you to be able to manage your hair yourself at home, its one thing to cut your hair and have it looking good when you leave, its another thing to have you look good every day, after all isn’t that what you want?

If you simply could not be bothered then its time to call us!

Call 011 41010011


Photographer – Rod Anker

Model- Merrylin Boro


Want some advice about your short and curlies?

Why is it that girls with Curls have a more Sass than those with straight hair? Or is it just us that thinks that, not sure but regardless to maintain those locks it takes a little trial and error and a few things to keep in mind to make sure it looks good we have spelt it out below! If you have straight hair and have a lot of attitude then good for you!


Things to keep in mind for the curly hair Girls

  • The moisture controls the Curl, the less moisture the more frizz, the more moisture the better the curl
  • Too much color will dry your hair out and create frizz
  • Regular trims remove split ends and should be done every 6-8 weeks, although it sounds cliche its a fact
  • Dont let anyone on planet earth thin your hair out or you will look more like a fur ball than a person!
  • Don’t get rebounding unless you want to look like you are wearing a wig!
  • Keratin can be beneficial, but in all honesty only as a last resort
  • Embrass the curl


Hope that helps, curl is hot if you know how to style it, natural is best!


How do you get that front bit to go upwards and WTF is it called?

Its called a Quiff and its fairly easy guys, obviously if its cut the right way anything is possible, if its not its most likely fixable but regardless here is a few tips to get you looking as cool as  James Dean did!


Lets imagine you have had your hairstylist cut it the right way and not left it too long, or too much weight ok…Lets just imagine life is perfect for a minute and after trying this if things go south then drop in and see us, we will be more than happy to go over it for you and show you!

  • Blow dry your hair, holding the front between your fingers and lifting it up as you go.
  • Once its dry and the hair is hot, turn the dryer to cold and ( holding the hair between your fingers blast it with the cold air, this sets it and helps hold it up)
  • Using a dry paste ( not a wax!) rub a small amount between your hands and dispurse through your hair, pulling it in the direction you want!


Bingo, your ready to rock like a rockabilly!


Cutting coupons to get your hair done is like reheating day old French fries and expecting them to taste fresh

If you have ever been in the situation were you end up going back time and time again to the same salon when you are not 100% happy, its like reheating Mc Donalds French fries the day after and expecting it to taste fresh.


It’s not going too, it will taste like you expect reheated Mc Donalds fries to tastes like.

Get something fresh call us on 011 410 10011

Mens Hair you need to get your life on track in 2018

Its almost the end of January and the goals you had verbally thrown out on 1st Jan, 25 days down and most likely not much has changed! Statistically they say you have to make one move in a certain direction and the rest will follow so we thought it was a good idea to help you along and give you a few looks that might be right up your alley!



If your parents are white, chances are you will go white too

There are some who think they have the secret potion or recipe for not getting white hair, well folks if you know it I’m sure its worth more than knowing what the 12 secret herbs and spices are. If your parents went white young, good chance you too will go white young. Its not a fool proof, your going to be white at the same time but more of an indication its fairly probably. Your DNA which is a mixture of both parents will now play their role in you and determine what happens.


Remember a small % of going white is placed on external factors, stress life etc

Your Instagram is cool but you’re as basic as a Parle G biscuit

We are at an stage we’re more effort is put into having the coolest images on line and yet no effort into being cool or yourself. Brands say one thing yet they do another, people say they do this or that but in reality they only do that to get a Photo.

The craziest thing is that your personality and what you are putting out doesn’t match in fact not even close, it’s a complete miss match and everyone can see it. Let’s say you’re pro cutting edge and want everyone to think you push the boundaries yet in real life you’re a conformist. Doesn’t work and there is something odd and we can all see it.

No this isn’t about one person or one brand this epidemic effects a LOT and you have to assume it stems out of insecurity which is sad. We spend all our life trying to fit in yet we spend as much energy talking ourselves up saying we aren’t like the rest 😳

In an age of social media being the way it is, we have to spend more time reflecting the real you rather than trying to show one thing and acting another.


If you spent the same amount of time as you do selecting and editing your photos, on your life and work you would be a real rockstar!

It’s really boring and disappointing to meet someone who seems cool but is as basic as a Parle J biscuit

We might be on our own but we are cool with it

Funny story, got asked today why we talk so much and write constantly on the internet about hair when it should be told only in Salons. Our reply was simply, education for hair has to be to everyone since its a very one sided curriculum currently in the Industry there needs to be more honesty that is not driven by money or ROI or investor happiness rather the facts, after all aren’t we all in the business of doing beautiful hair.



Its so nice and peaceful in the space that we say whatever we want, do whatever we want and focus all our time on doing what we do!

No banners, no cliche coupon cutting just hair

Sulfate free Shampoo

There is always something new, something more in trend and with research and money being spent on discovering new things all the time its hard to keep up but relax thats our job!


Sulfate free shampoo is one of the best things that has happened to hair color in the last 10 years as it is detergent free and maintains the tone and richness of the color longer without stripping it and drying out the hair!

If you have color then this is a must, if you don’t have color and your hair is not oily then try it, it is gentle enough to use daily and your hair will be looking awesome!

We use and reccomomend Alfa Parf products which all of their shampoo is sulphate free

How to be completely independent

Don’t you think sometimes, we all want to be Independent and free yet most tend to not want complete Independence in fact when no one questions you things can get out of control. Sure we want to move our Salon to the middle of the Rajhastan desert but I guess it may be a little too far for most to come, we promise you that it would have a super chill vibe and the best Cactus on the planet but its not happening any time soon so sit back down!


Good things happen when you have multiple people putting their energy into the one thing, they can do it independently however the more heads ( pun intended ) you have working on it the better it will be. Now we think being independent with your hair it should be free from weekly trips to the salon, now we love seeing you but seriously a few times a week is just not realistic to you and your life is it? Maybe you literally have nothing else to do and you like to be busy looking busy and then in that case we are all for it, come in have coffee and tell us how busy you are.

How on earth do you get that hair freedom? 

  • Well it doesn’t involve colouring your 90% white hair black
  • It doesn’t mean giving you a terrible haircut that only a hairdresser with a blow torch and 2 cans of hairspray can make look good
  • It isn’t scorching your hair so its dry AF so the only person can comb it is us
  • It sure as hell is not making you wear it ” in and out curls” that are more like a set barbie doll than actual hair

Its about giving you a cut that works with your hair, teaching you how to maintain it between cuts, giving you a color that works with your hair, skin and lifestyle. Its showing you options that work you can do yourself, its about being ethical with your hair so its in the best possible condition.

Call 011 41010011


The trick to having healthy hair no hairdresser or product company will tell you

Yes its true, no one makes money when you have healthy hair, we can safely say this because at this rate we are flat out trying to fix everyone’s hair and it seems like no one is listening so we thought as a community outreach we should try and help the situation by explaining a few things. After all even if you do not come to us for your hair, if we can help in a small way for you to look and feel better about your hair then its great news!


So here are a few things that are FACTS about hair and hair care, how to make sure you don’t end up down a dirt road that leads you to searching on google ” Wigs ” or ” hair extensions”

  • Always get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks regardless of the length you have, the length you want.
  • The term ” Global color” is another way of saying let me ruin your entire hair not just the roots! There should be virtually no need to take color through the ends of your hair even once a year! Very time you do it damages!
  • A ” Hair Spa” DOES NOT FIX STUPID If you have had your hair ruined a few massages and steam is going to do NOTHING! Get a proper protein treatment, if you need advice then drop us an email and we can suggest a few different brands
  • Just because something is on discount, doesn’t mean that its right for you, sure we all love to save money but even if its 50% off it is still 100% waste of money!
  • Keratin is not a treatment to make your hair healthy! It reduces frizz and curl marginally and is NOT I repeat NOT a treatment to fix the bad condition that was caused by the bad color
  • Just because a brand has an amazing advertising campaign, it doesn’t mean their products are the best, some may be some may not be. Using a sulphate free shampoo whilst it is amazing it may not work on your hair!
  • Getting a blowout a few times a week and they burn it into place will in fact cause a lot of damage over 6-12 month. Don’t over heat your hair!

This is just a few, we could go on and on but this will get you started,

Just because the mass go there does not mean its not the crazy bin!

One of the easiest ways to find a salon is ask someone likeminded, asking just anyone where they go to get their hair done simply won’t work, maybe it will maybe it won’t but one would imagine its a hit and miss. If you know someone that has similar taste as you, likes to look after themselves then it may be the best bet to ask them for recommendations!



Rememeber just because a lot of people go to a place, be it a salon or a “place” doesn’t mean its right for you, or anyone for that matter. A lot of the time some people a certain place is cool or the best simply because they have not experienced anything else.

If you have not ever loved your hair, then chances are the salon your going to is wrong for you, its kind of that basic.

Hey lets catch up for a coffee

For anyone who has been to Australia you will know that they love their coffee like sometimes more than there family, its important! So when we say drop in for a coffee its not a causal pre mix type coffee its a proper coffee so you should not take it lightly.


Many plans are brewed over coffee and hair can be one of them, worst case scenario you have a good chat and a nice coffee.

So next time your thinking about your next move with your hair, drop in and have a chat with us and lets plan this!

Take a look inside Rod Anker Salons in Meherchand market

We get asked if it is just Rod doing hair, the answer is no. We have a team of stylists that all do hair, but keep in mind we do hair, we only do hair we are not a parlor, a beauty salon and not a place in mid west America serving beer by the bucket ( that’s a Saloon 😂 )

We have two floors in the centre of Meherchand market, beside Altitude Cafe.

If you haven’t experienced the fresh approach to hair and tired of the same old hair then it’s about time you came and visited us!
You can shout out to us on social media email or the old school way

Phone number 011-41010011


5 different ways to take the perfect selfie and 1 way to send that nude shot!

Selfie 🤳 game has reportingly at an all time high and there has even been reports of people having a condition from over exposure to “bad selfies” on Facebook and Instagram. Some go to all sorts of lengths 🏊🏼 in order to fill their feed with incredible images.

All we say is make sure you hair is right, color on fleek and for the love of God, don’t do the side hair flip in every single photo, it looks kinda odd!

If you need help, drop in and see us we will help with a few handy hints and styling options. 

Image via Lorenzo Plaatjies

Check out which of our clients just painted their Jet black

Ever thought, one day when everything falls into place I’m going to buy a jet and paint it black? Well as you can see there are some, in fact I think I would too just to be the odd one out, I think it would look cool!



But I guess since this is a hair site its only fitting we relate this to hair right, I guess so! Well if you have a plane you are more than welcome to paint it any color you like, if you have hair, then black is NOT your only option! If you are colouring your hair to cover grey’s then black is possibly the worst option, if you think you were black or have black hair the chances are slim as very very few people actually have black hair.

One of the biggest problems when you are going grey is keeping up with the regrowth, the moment you leave the salon, your hair starts to grow and within days if you look closely you will see white dots coming through which will start driving you crazy. The darker the hair, the whiter the white the faster you see it!

So how do you either stop it growing, slow it down or disguise it so your life isn’t spent in the Salon?

Well never tell your hairstylist you want black thats a good start, but we need to understand that when you color your hair the contrast is what will show the regrowth the fastest, the darker your colouring, you will see the lighter hairs coming through. Now if you are dark and you color your hair light its exactly the same but in reverse.

You can break up the color you are doing, add some highlights a few shades lighter, take your color 1-2 shades lighter than your natural color and this together will give you a longer gap between visits and free up some valuable time of yours!

Your hair may be dark but unlikely it is black or ever was!


Come see us and discuss how to get your life back and still look good!

Mauritius is the Hottest destination only 6 hours from Delhi

So we went away for our Christmas break and was really last minute, we needed sunshine and blue skies and had heard about Mauritius from friends so thought why not! Booked only the week before Christmas, we were set and only a 6.5 hour flight direct from Delhi on Air Mauritius we were there!

Coming from Australia, the beaches are kind of good and the surrounding places people typically go on holidays are Bali, Fiji, Vanuatu and Cook Islands and if you just open a new tab and search any of these you will see the beaches are awesome. Now that being said Mauritius is different, sure the beaches are endless white sand and the water on almost every beach is crystal clear, paradise! But its different in the sense it has sense of life other than a beach holiday destination.

We hired a car, which was really easy, although a little challenging as it was Christmas but finally got one. and spent 8 days exploring the island. Easy to navigate around and everything was accessible.

Now not a New Years resolution type people but must say we both had a really peaceful time reflecting on what has been and what goals we will strive for in 2018.



Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.48.08 pm

If you are thinking of a getaway and tired of the usual destinations then this is a place you must experience! Visa friendly upon arrival and from the moment you land you will feel the Island vibe and the ease of life for your trip! Blue skies, crystal clear water and an easy island to get around without any fuss!

Check out Mauritius Explored and you can navigate your trip a little easier, they have tons of ideas and links to get you started! Click on Air Mauritius to get you started and book now!


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Pack your bags its time for a trip!

A good sleep is as good as a holiday, seriously what a load of rubbish! A good sleep is an essential part of a healthy life and can really screw up your mental health ( and others close by ) if you don’t get enough and is not at all like a holiday!


Getting a new outfit or a change of hair is an escape and can give you the feeling of being fresh, sure it may only last you a day or two but it’s a kickstart to a new mood or vibe that will get you in a good headspace and thats at the end of the day important, that new headspace may just have you booking your next holiday!

If you are feeling like a break then pick up the phone and give us a call!


Phone 011 410 100 11

So you’re thinking of colouring your hair?

So you have had a brainwave to color your hair and want it done like yesterday now its on your mind its almost as if it has to be done as soon as possible, so how do you decide what color you should do? You may love your sisters hair or your BFF’s but you have different hair, personality and its not you right!


Because we know that it can be overwhelming to decide do you go lighter, dark, should it look natural or should it be a pastel pink?

We will always discuss color in detail as it is something that needs to be talked about and given the pro’s and con’s as depending on the color it could take you 12-18 months to grow it out so its worth us spending the time to work it out prior! Its always a good idea to head on over to Pinterest and save your favorites and then look and asses what it is you like, you may find once you have all the images laid out that there is a pattern of what you like, it may work it may not but at least you will be able to see them and discuss it with us when you come in.

Its a big decision getting your color done and you should never take an impulse decision based on a spare of the moment thing!

Come in and discuss your options with us, we will take the time to give you the positives and the negatives ( if any ) before you take the decision to do it!

Perfect in its Imperfections

Trends come and go and when it comes to trying to get them at times its a little difficult, now about early to mid last year there was a movement to wear hair a lot more natural, messy if you prefer to call it but we like to call it lived in. Its fresh and there is a perfection in the imperfection, it sexy and its current.


The reality is not to put so much effort into it, can you do it using tools the real answer is not really. This hair is done working with unwashed un blow dried hair and it is NOT DONE with heat tools!!!!

The trap that some make is overdoing it and pumping it full of product or over drying it and trying too hard, this look is best on clean unwashed hair with little product.


Maybe a little serum and a touch of spray but nothing else!

How often should you get a haircut?

You waited 6 months to get a trim because you are growing your hair, every time you get it cut they cut too much off so whats the point right?


Well if each time you go and get your hair cut, if too much is being cut off then it means your going to the wrong salon. You have to balance your hair goal to the hair condition and leaving it for 6 months means you will possibly have more split ends than what you will cut off. To maintain a shape or condition your hair needs trimming every 6-8 weeks maximum. You remove split ends, keeps the shape right and keeps you looking sorted. If you don’t get it cut then the split ends travel up the hair shaft and the condition goes for a toss.

Every hair on your head grows at a different rate, so whilst some grow slower than others ( slightly ) the hair will not sit or move the same way month after month, it needs to be maintained, if you want to grow it longer then keep in mind your average hair grows 1-1.5 inches per month so always cut less than that, if you want to maintain the length then cut what has grown.


Fairly simply? See you every 6-8 weeks

Is your color fading?

You have spent the time, money and effort to get your color done but it fades why?



Lets clear the air by saying that your regrowth growing out is not color fading, this is called your hair is growing and a seperate issue than your actual color fading.

Here are some reasons your color will fade;

  1. It was not treated the way it was meant too when it was coloured, could have been lightened too much and the cuticle is damaged and the tone changes
  2. Your shampoo is too harsh and causing it to fade
  3. You are not conditioning it, open cuticle means the color will fade
  4. Using oil, guess again it will actually make your hair shinny but dehydrate your hair faster than anything else. Yes don’t oil your hair!
  5. Its dry and too porous to hold the color
  6. An unrealistic approach to reaching your desired color, it was done too fast rather than taking several applications to reach your goal color it was done too fast rather than over several visits

As you can see it is more than one reason actually there is a lot more, so before you get your color done, make sure you talk about maintenance of the color you are doing!


Your flowers look lovely but we don’t have a vase sorry

Do you do waxing, can I get my makeup done, do you do Saree draping, can someone run out and pick up my dry cleaning, can someone move my car, can you come to my house at 7 am and give me a blow out, can I get my Amazon order delivered here, can I use your wifi, can I borrow a battery charger, can I use your laptop, do you have a microwave to heat up my lunch, can I get a foot massage, do you have a little cake or something sweet to eat, can you give me the color to do at home myself & do you sell wigs. These are just some of the things we get asked!


We want to make your life easy so just to let you know, we do hair, we are a hair Salon, we do everything to do with the hair on your head, not other parts of your body.

Head hair and we do it bloody well!

Not bending over backwards for you!

We had someone in the salon recently who’s hair was, well lets just say it looked like it had been through the menu of a salon and had everything done in the same day..literally! First off I think its a little weird that some people think a menu at a Salon is like a food menu and they should order everything and at least one of the items will be nice, it simply dent work like that peeps!


When we asked what was she thinking to do all of these things on the one day if at all, most of which she did not need nor should she have done, her reply was really sad. ” I said I wanted my hair smooth, shinny and a little life in the color so they told me I had to do rebounding, all over color with some highlights and a treatment with some layers” I was on holidays the next day so asked them to do whatever could be done, if it all could be done in the one day please do it because I want to look good for my trip. They assured me it could be done, all was well until I left the salon.

Well no surprise, I guess it was more like do it all now please ( as it turns out it was more of a demand than a question and we asked and kept asking till we got to the reality ). Now its not her fault, the reality a lot of hairstylists are ruled by turnover and not results, if it was a results based business they would be most likely not doing half of the things they try and push rather fixing problems. We find a lot of times we end up not doing what is asked, we do less because it is not needed!

Why are we here as a professional salon if we simply do what we are told to do even knowing it is the wrong thing?

Sure WebMd has turned us all into Doctors ( well maybe just us lol ) but it is a far cry to an actual diagnosis or reality, just like reading a beauty blog saying something is good or perfect for everyone does not mean it is the right thing for you, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but you need to sometimes be told NO.

We will not do what you say always, its called life, we will do what is best for your hair and the look you are after!

When you kinda want to sparkle but don’t know how

You have finally decided that you want a little sparkle, not sure if it involves 27 packets of glitter stickers or a color in your hair?

If it’s stickers, please see the above image, not hard basically just get your kit off and start sticking, don’t stop until you run out of stickers.

If it’s hair then pick up the phone and call us!

Rod Anker celebrates 10 Years in Incredible India

Well its almost 10 years that I have been in this amazing country, some ups and some downs but love the way the country has welcomed me, I love it!


But have to raise my middle finger to those few that said I wouldn’t make it, some out of love and some out of reality. There is a lot more to come and the last almost 2 years in Meherchand in our own stand alone Salon has proven that our skill and Know how works just the way we said it would.

2018 we are planning some really incredible things and can’t wait to share them with you!


Thanks to all who doubted me, it is a real motivator

Color in a Salon vs Colour from the Shops

We all have moments when money is tight, you have to choose between having rice for dinner or left over Maggi noodles from the previous night, its called balance and it happens from time to time. Now when it comes to wanting to feel good, even though your bank balance looks like a dirty street dog, you want to feel good right?!


Now you have a choice, wait and feed yourself ( which is always a good first choice! ) or go and get your hair done, now whilst we like the second we would tell you to get your belly full then worry about your hair! When it comes to trying to save money on your hair a lot of salons or stylist may not be as open to giving you the options as we are, in fact we are a little shameless about it.

Our thoughts are very simple, if you need it then we will tell you, if you don’t we will tell you that also. When colouring there is some people who think they can go scout out the local market for the tube of color that they pointed too on the color chart and go buy it themselves and get someone to apply it. Now we love your thought process HOWEVER given that the color chart is a tool used by hairdressers to make sure the color in your mind is the same as the color we are thinking, its a TOOL not a recipe! Each color that we do is typically mixed with 3-5 different colours to get the exact color required for you, it is not coming out of one box…rarely!

If you want to look expensive don’t waste money and try to do it yourself as you will end up spending more on it!

Want to wake up in the morning with perfect hair?

Don’t you hate those people who either do wake up looking perfect or the other ones who wake up looking like crap, fix their hair then take a photo as if they woke up like that?

Can you have hair that is perfect after a night of horizontal mumbo?


Is it even possible?

A straight answer would be yes it is possible, its more complicated than that I suppose and depends on various things including your cut, the hair texture etc etc and if you make a few changes then the chances are you too could wake up looking sexy AF


Changes to make

Make sure you don’t go to bed with wet hair, as its drying it will end up looking terrible!

Use one or two drops of serum in your mid lengths to ends gently just before you go to bed.

Use a Silk pillow case, this stops the aggravation and will keep the cuticle smooth and your hair less static!

If your hair is curly and has a tendency to go curly or frizzy then tie it in a low tight pony tail, wrap a silk scarf around it all and secure at the base of the pony tail, this keeps everything perfect and when you wake up simply take it off and a little scratch and boom!


Above all one of the most important things is the cut, if the structure is right then the theory is it should all fall in place, now saying that and we are good but we can not control what your hair does at 3am let alone how it looks after a romp in the sack, we suggest you have fun and don’t worry about it!

Dear little Miss blogger and beauty writers and the odd know it all

Dear World, no this is not meant to be a nasty dig at you in particular rather everyone that spends their Saturday night mashing up food scraps from the fridge, the odd plant from outside and putting it on your hair with the thought that it would perform miracles.


Now is Aloe Vera good for sunburn, yes but is it better than putting a scientifically manufactured burn creme on? Possibly a slower remedy, maybe not as effective right?

Now imagine putting Onion pulp on your hair as you have been told that it is good for hair growth, yet you have a terrible diet, don’t drink enough water, your parents and their parents all went bald at 40 and you have a high pressure job and abuse your hair like it is always going to be on your head forever and you want to know what items are in your fridge that will fix it? LOLOLOLOL

For professional advice visit a Hair Salon, for hair advice talk to a professional hairstylist, your granny doesn’t know it all ( she probably knows a lot of other things tho )

Call us we know hair, we have a few good recipe’s if your interested but not to rub on your head, to eat!

Not sure to say F&% it or not Maybe

Its so easy to get stuck in a rut and end up down a road you really don’t want to be on! One day turns into two, three and before you know it you are at a place you really never wanted to be in the first place!


So that being said, take the trip, say yes if you want to say yes, take the call, avoid the others, get a hair cut and life you life!

You have one in every colour yet you are still coloring your hair BLACK

So you are one of those people who love shoes, awesome! You buy the latest and it’s an obsession and you love it, in fact every tim you have lunch with your girlfriends they always comment…. great!

So why on EARTH are you still eating your hair the same way, year after year same color, same style!

If you eat this for breakfast, your hair will appear sexier

Its not rocket science but our bodies need to be our temples and what you put in you get out. imagine you constantly feed your mind negative thoughts, chances are fairly slim that you life with be super positive, if you eat junk food chances are your not going to be running at capacity right?


So chances are if you started your day with this awesome looking monster you would have the best day possible and no matter what you would be looking at life in a more positive way!

Don’t let negative thoughts or actions change your mood or alter your personality, life should be awesome!

Mens haircuts that will get you looking fresh for 2018

Guys can be the most lazy species on the planet and while we know we have not been pushing you hard to change, last year you got into the taper and even though we nudged you to taper on you just couldn’t be bothered so 2018 our mission is going to be TAPER!

Its low maintenance and gets you through the 3-5 weeks between haircuts looking fresh so there is really no excuses to be lazy because this in fact will help you look good and be lazy at the same time!

Get something fresh its still January the year has just begun!


So if you have been putting it off for the last few weeks, its time to get yourself into the salon guys!


17 Foods to eat to forget your hair growth

All you have to do to explore different opinions on hair growth is google it, some will say this some will say that, everyone is an expert, everyone says it has results. So basically you can eat anything from fruit to fish and it all will help you according to google and all the so called experts.


Its a healthy balanced diet that will get your body to function the way it was designed, google ” 5 food groups” then decide what you have to do, you can try and trick your body or you can provide it with the necessities it needs to function the way it needs to, so your hair will grow the way it is intended.

We suggest a healthy balanced diet that not only is good for you but is delicious also. Be healthy, be good to each other and love life!

This is how we want to find the toilet

Its not a secret that public toilets can be one of the most disgusting experiences of your life, short of using the local tree at times its the only option!


If you happen to come into the salon and you have read this then please look at the above image and leave our toilet exactly the same, we promise you we will be very happy!



When your hair looks more like a horse tail

You have been growing your hair since forever, you don’t know why but its just what people do no? Everyone said grow it long its sexy, now its longer than the question at the Government run banks and as lifeless as the service you will get once you wait.


Sure if you are planning a photo shoot on a horse then all is well with the world, however its become too long and managing it is far from sexy or easy. You need to keep in mind creating a fresh look will be either bangs or a few layers, without changing the color there is not really many other options once the hair gets this long.

Things you need to be on the look out for are, keep the layers in proportion to the length or it will end up looking ratty ( is that a word even?)

Make sure to asses your options carefully and get the right advice so the outcome matches your expectations.

Gender neutral cuts

It’s 2018, we have boys dressing as girls and girls dressing as boys ( or at least your perception of what certain genders are meant to wear) We have a guy in power in America  who is possibly the most racist person this generation has ever seen! Let’s all stop judging and trying to label things that 10-20 years ago was nothing other than someone wants to wear there hair a certain way.

Who said short hair is for guys and long hair is for girls! We have seen short hair on girls look hot and long hair on guys look completely meant to be. It’s not about putting it into a box and calling it any gender it’s hair, you don’t have to put things in Boxes.

Wear your hair how you want, please only yourself, it doesn’t define who you are, it makes you feel good about yourself and that is all that matters!

The temperature is heating up

You can not abuse it and then think a little ice will cool it down, if you are constantly abusing your hair then there will be damage that no amount of ” hair spa” or treatment will fix. Yes thats right, your hair is not indestructible sadly.


We have a very clear ethos when it comes to doing hair, if you can not manage yourself on a daily basis then we are not doing our job, if what we do causes damage that creates drama in your life then we are not doing our job. Its fairly simple, we respect the hair so your life is not disturbed by repeat visits to have to fix it, sure we could possibly be busier doing all sorts of chemical treatments and tell you they will change your life, but the change would involve you having to come back weekly to try to deal with it.

If you are after an ethical Hair Salon that respects the health of your hair then look no further!

We fix discount haircuts 

We get a lot of clients come see us, that have had a bad experience with their hair and desperate to fix it. Nothing more upsetting than looking like a freak of nature even if it will grow out in 2-3 weeks or in some cases 2-3 months.



There is a reason why we specialize in hair, come see why. 
📱 01141010011

Sometimes you just have to do it for yourself

Its no secret that everyone has an opinion about, well everything and some will just want you to know it every day, what they think about your clothes, your job, your choice of partner, what your eating and the way you dance. Its exhausting actually listening to it all, its like they don’t have a life of their own to worry about they have to discuss yours or offer an opinion.


With your hair, its almost like everyone will talk about it and when its a style or length they like they will tell you they never liked it like it was before OR they will simply tell you to grow it or cut it, it looked better the way it was earlier.

Its your hair, its your life wear it the way YOU want too, how on earth can someone ( anyone ) tell you to grow it or cut it?

If you want to have some fun with your hair then its about time you took control and did what you want to do and have some fun!

Lets talk about your shinny boots

So you have the latest boots, the coolest wardrobe in town and yet whilst your boots are as shinny AF your hair has the shine of a rusty tin can!


Did you know that oil will dehydrate your hair? Did you know that over colouring will dehydrate your hair? Did you know that using too much heat will dehydrate your hair? Did you know that the way you brush it could cause split ends and then make it look dull?


Its ok, we do, you probably didn’t know that there is a something called a shine treatment that adds a clear gloss to your hair that lasts 4-6 weeks so if you have a special occasion coming up then it maybe the perfect thing to do!


20 Men’s cuts from 2018 you must try

The year is over and and New Year has begun, you guys have been as erratic as always but there are a few trends that stand out and here are some!

The Fade, possibly the biggest trend and still going strong 

The Undercut, yes 98% have done it or got it already 

The taper, tight!

Taper and a shaved surgical line

Fade crop with a box hairline 

The Mop top

The one length bowl 

These are our favourites!

Yoga that will help your hairstyle

You have seen what is needed to be done to get your hair looking the way you like it so you end up not trying to do it yourself because it would be easier to be level 208 Yoga master than to blow dry your current haircut?!


Then your going to the wrong salon!


Explain to me what you are waiting for again

Its easy to say, I will do it when XYZ happens or I will commit when ….. the reality is the perfect time never comes and will never come, if you are waiting for something to change or someone to change the reality is it or they won’t. Time moves even if you are standing still waiting and its important to be the one who is in control of your life, its not a game, its your life!


Doesn’t matter if you are waiting for your hair to be a certain length, or if you are waiting for the right time to resign, the reality there will never be a right time. The right time is when you decide enough is enough, take the step to be the best person you can be today for you, don’t keep giving part of you to someone or something that in reality doesn’t deserve you or your time. Get that hair cut, buy that dress, take that holiday and live life!

Going blonde with Indian skin?

It’s a frequent question does blonde hair suit Indian skin and the easiest answer is yes if it’s done correctly.  The sad reality is a lot of the time hairdressers don’t bother to either prep the hair or follow it through till then end.

It’s a long process that no matter what you have planned, what kitty party you need to get to or how busy you are it’s a process that you can’t rush. Recently Santu Misra, fashion editor dropped into the salon wanting to go blonder than Zayn Malik, but wanted it to do it overnight like Kylie Jenner. Well we heard him but gave him some facts:

  1. It’s going to take several hours
  2. There will be an unpleasant feeling on your scalp.
  3. You have to embrace the process: it (just) takes time!

So he turned up and we started and here is what happened

The yellow is halfway through a 2 hour process with two applications, yes it’s a bleach but a very mild on scalp bleach, then we toned the color two times to get the exact tone right.

The easy answer is yes it does suit darker skin tones if the tone is bang on. It’s a tedious process that involves patience and skill and is not something you shop on line for the best “deal”.

So if you always wanted to have that perfect color but been told it won’t work or even worse, you have ended up with a trashy gold blonde it’s time to call Rod Anker Salons Instagram page

Bored af? Here are 5 things to do right now!

Your thrill for the day is seeing your own reflection in the mirror naked and then it’s off to work to wait till lunchtime. After that’s it’s a countdown to go home eat watch Tv then bed! Sounds like you?

It’s time to change things up a little! Haircut vs new wardrobe? Haircut is cheaper and can wear it everyday without people thinking your homeless so it’s the perfect choice we think! Get on Pinterest or Instagram and get some inspiration and book your appointment now before life sucks the life out of you!

No standing anytime

To us one of the most scary places to be is comfortable, its when everything becomes predictable is when things become boring and it is then that you have lost the hunger and thirst to be on a constant change and evolve. Lets be honest though its easy to get comfy, could be on the couch, comfy at work, in business or just in life. We have to go out of our way to push ourselves and the things we do to make sure that we keep evolving as a person to experience as much in life as possible. There are always people that will say that being in a. predictable comfort zone is the goal ( and it may be for you and thats fine ) but for us its the scariest place on planet earth.


Your hair is the easiest thing to change and possibly the easiest thing to let become stale and boring because a lot of people once they find something that works they just stick with it, day after day, week after week, year after year. Boring!


Get a new look in 2018

The thing that can’t be replaced easily

We just want to point out some obvious facts about Dolls and you can draw your own line to connect it to us and what we do!



You can replace an arm or leg, get new clothes for it, shoes also, can color over the face and make it a different color.

You can’t replace the hair!

Tired of the same shit!

I don’t know about a lot of you, but don’t you find yourself bored out of your head from time to time, it normal right. Same people, same places, same conversations and the same challenges day in day out, like seriously is this life?


The say you become what or who you spend the most time around so if you stay in the rut, you end up becoming the rut, scary right?!

We are fed the same type of consumer hype on almost everything like buying a certain product is going to change a thing, a dream holiday or a car that will get you to your destination faster and better. Your boss is a dick, the people you interact with every day are 100% not the type of people that are going to lift you up, if anything you have constant thoughts of growing them in your morning coffee just to shut them up!

If this sounds like you then its time to get a fresh new cut or color, or go crazy and get both!

Is your color washing out?

Firstly apologies if you think after reading this that we think your stupid but we thought to share a few hair facts with you and colouring to make things a little more simple to understand. There are some colours that will fade, tone fades and it is possible however fading in a solid line is not going to happen its actually called regrowth.


When you first started colouring your hair to cover the odd grey hair, life was fairly simple, you got it done every 6-8 weeks and even then hardly noticed the odd white you had, now a few years later there is more than a few “odd” grey hairs its more like a lot and your dark color that you were 10-20 years ago that you insist on still doing looks black against the white hairs as it grows. The easiest way to explain it is brown will look black when you put it beside white, and a few white will look like a bunch beside brown or dark hair. Your hair is constantly growing, so if your have white hair even colouring over it it is growing from the moment it is covered, the darker the color the more visible it will be as it grows. If you expect not to see any white for weeks then you are delusional, its like a guy saying I shaved a week ago and now I have facial hair, it literally grows 24/7 and you will see small dots of white within days, this is normal and reality.

Easy way to get longer out of it is simple, do not take your color as dark as you are, as you get more grey ( or white hair ) the take the color slightly lighter so there is less variation. Add some highlights to your color to break it up and its not so solid.

Color does not fade in a perfect line, its called regrowth!

It might be a cool haircut, but not on you

You may be one of those people who searches on line for the prefect next look and you finally find it and no one on planet earth is going to convince you its not right because you want it!


The reality is that there are times when no matter how much you want it, its just not the right cut for you. Your face shape, head shape and body type is one of the first things you have to take into consideration and whilst the photo above should be an obvious thing for you to realise that with a neck that is long a haircut like this is not ideal!

Thats the reason it is best to go to a salon that knows the difference!


Call us on 011 410  10011

Stuff that in your mouth girl

So you want to be hot, have awesome hair, eat and drink what you want and everything to be amazing?! Well there most likely is a window in time when you possibly can do this and for those still in those very few years 18-20 go for it piggy. For the rest we have to have balance, both in life and the fun we put our bodies through. We get asked a lot is there a food that would make our hair grow, well considering Rod is bald, if there is such a food then someone needs to tell him!


Fast food is fine in moderation but having a diet that is not balanced will eventually catch up on you, your hair and your body. Have a balanced diet, get the right amount of sleep and be kind to others.

Saying that we are writing this on a Saturday so I guess you can start this tomorrow!

You want to blend in or stand out?

Act your age they said as if there is rulebook on what to look like at set ages, you should act a certain way or dress a certain way like when your older you shouldn’t be looking fun or cool, you should be boring and set in your ways. What a load of rubbish!


After al haven’t you put in the hard work and conformed for too long? Its when you get older you should be caring less right, after all you have done the hard yards it should be time to have some fun right?!

So before you decide to be a boring old hag, why not have a little fun with your look and hair and be the person you always wanted to be!


Since when is your Kitchen an option for hair care

Home remedies started pre internet and before there were any other options other than to rely on the information passed down from generation to generation, back then it was all you had, there was no on line shopping, no boutique brands and certainly the only research was based on what your family did or what stories were told.


Now whilst some may sound legit, there are very few that actually work or in fact some have the adverse effect and cause problems rather than cure anything. Somewhat like a placebo you may end up thinking that by doing some of these obscure things you hair may grow longer, thicker, faster and any other promises your 110 year old grandmother tells you!

Now whilst some of the home remedies we have been exposed to are not only crazy but plain disgusting, like onion pulp on your scalp….seriously? If you think putting Olive oil or coconut oil on your scalp is going to miraculously going to solve anything, you really need to get your head right!

Before you go to your fridge, do a little research on this thing called Internet and make the determination yourself, don’t take our opinion as authority its best to get the information yourself then make a decision.

If your planning on asking a professional what food you can put on your hair to “fix it” understand that you have a problem with the basics and you need to come and see us

Rod Anker Salons Open in Meherchand Market

There has been a large amount of people calling to ask if we are open, yes there has been a lot of activity with businesses that are not on the ground floor and whilst we have a first floor our ground floor is open and business as usual!


So if you are in Meherchand Market and looking for a Salon then

give us a call 011 410 10011

Yes We are OPEN

There has been a large amount of people calling to ask if we are open, yes there has been a lot of activity with businesses that are not on the ground floor in Delhi and whilst we have a first floor our ground floor is open and business as usual!


So if you are in Meherchand Market and looking for a Salon then!

Same same just 1 floor of awesome hair at the moment

Give us a call 011 410 10011

Would you buy cheap or discounted protection?

They say the best things in life are free but let’s just imagine some things are cheap for argument sake.

Imagine you spend hours and hard earned money on your color only to have it washed away because you use crap?!

Well if you think a little about it, protection is something you should be taking very seriously!

Would you buy cheap condoms because it was a buy one get one free or discounted if your biggest fear was conceiving?  Chances are you wouldn’t in fact you would most likely put thought into it and get the best.

Yet we still have hard earned colors being washed down the drain because you love over using your supermarket products because it creates a bathroom full of bubbles!

Invest in quality shampoo and conditioners and they last longer than any super market product and save you hundreds of dollars in repairs!

Come see us and talk about what you can do to protect your color, stop googling shit and talk to professionals.

The Latest hair trends down south!

Rather than talking about 101 ways to cover it up , we know real woman should be able to do whatever the hell they like so considering we don’t do waxing we decided to put together some fresh looks for you in case you didn’t have a plan.

Something there for everyone, if in doubt grow it out!

Embrace a woman’s right to do whatever she wants to do, wear whatever she wants to wear and do her hair however she wants too! That’s respect!

Its not just the color or the cut that makes the overall look

So we saw this and immediately thought of several times clients have got an amazing color but to be honest skipped getting a haircut and they should not have. If you happen to be on a budget and can only get one thing done we suggest starting with the cut, get the right shape than fill in the color after when your ready.


Trust us when we say you may be lucky, but you may live to regret being a tight wad and not getting it all done, so either wait and do it properly or don’t do it at all.


See you soon!

You believe what you are told

Sometimes we are dumb, we hear things and we accept them as facts although without question and these things we hear can have a very negative effect on us and our lives. It can be even our own crazy robot voice telling you that you can’t do something or that you are not worthy and this constant chatter will put your mind into a space that is not productive and things will slowly spiral downwards.


Its may have all been justified, life may have dealt you the worst hand on the planet, daily people crap on you, mentally and physically and yet at some point you have to say enough Im going to get through this and life is going to be amazing. Is it going to be easy, no, is it going to be worth it, yes! Remember that child inside you that believed that nothing was impossible, life was full of opportunities, be that person again!

You want to look like an apple but you will always be a banana

Trends come and go and there are people out there ( yes we know who you are! ) that will flip between all of them thinking that they want to stay on trend, then there are others that are stuck in a time warp and the only change you will see on them is a subtle change in the part line.


Come on guys and girls, your hair has to match your personality so if you are a high maintenance MOFO and having beach waves it kinda looks fake, same if you are a scattered mess yet your hair is super sorted then something is odd about the overall look.

Your hair is an extension of who you are, it has to work with your personality as much as your overall look. To feel the best it all has to be put together in a way that none of it is out of place.


Leaders in Baliage hair coloring

Any technique requires training and understanding of why it has been created and Baliage has been a technique that has been around for a very very long time however now has become a popular way of colouring hair and the look has become very popular. Its literally one of those colours you only have to get done every 4-6 months ( depending on your length ) and looks super natural if done right!



Now as it is a free hand technique, it is important that the placement of the color be exact or you will end up with a color that is the opposite of natural and things can go very wrong. Its time consuming and patience is required, don’t think you can run around once the color is in because you will need to sit still whilst it processes. You can have it super subtle and natural or combine it with Ombre to get a very striking visible look, also the color can be lighter only by one shade or it can be as light as your hair will take!

If you think this looks like something you would like to do then give us a call!

Your parents hair determines your hair

What hair your parents have has a large play in what hair you will have, if your mum and dad both have curly hair that is thick as your school friend then chances are your hair will be thick and curly. This is not always fool proof but changing your diet won’t change your hair, using a different product won’t change the growth, it is determined when your parents chromosones connected ( eww right lol ) but its a fact.


So before you head on line and try to get the latest thickening product, whilst some will have a temporary effect and can add volume and fullness it is temporary. Your family may be as crazy as a flock of seagulls, if their hair is thick or thin curly or straight chances are yours will be a mix of it and that will make you, you! There are things to manage what you have better, be it products or getting the right cut however you can not change genetics.


Why we choose a ground floor for a salon

Getting your hair done is something that is meant to be pain free right? If you have to travel to a market that parking is a drama, you have to then walk through chaos to get to the salon to try and have some relax time and end up looking good and in reverse you have to get out of there and get back to your car right!


When we opened our flagship salon in Delhi we wanted to be ground floor and easy parking for our clients to make sure it wasn’t like trying to cross level 542 of Candy Crush just to get your hair done.

If you are after a hair salon in south Delhi that is open on the ground floor then you really need to give us a call 011 410 100 11

Are you wasting money on hair products

If you have ever been to a salon and got your hair did, you most likely have experienced what we are told is the most annoying thing, a persistent push to sell you things to fill your bathroom cupboards that will do very little to recreate the look or maintain the condition but they look good.


Now we are not saying you don’t need certain products however there has to be a balance between what you actually need to create the look and what not essential. We think that there is enough “things” in this world that are on the list of could do without that we don’t need to add to it.

If the cut is done right will it sit the way its intended after you wash it with little effort?

Well depending on the look and the style, lets say you have straight hair and you want to wear it curly then unless there is a natural bend to some extent, no it won’t, if you have fine flat hair will it be full after a wash and go, no. Saying that the cut makes all the difference and can encourage the movement required but its not going to work solo and not need any support or assistance from product. The key is getting the right products, typically we believe that any more than two products ( other than a shampoo and conditioner ) is enough. No one has the time, money and space in there bathroom for 5-6 products to get that perfect “natural look”. But I guess if you do there is enough products on the market you could certainly do it, but we like to keep things simple.

If easy going hair is your thing then give us a call

011 41010011


This is who we are

Was asked today who is our target market and it got me thinking…. immediate thoughts were not people who would ask “who is your target market” lol that too in a packed salon to ask “Who comes here” 😶

Via @Arsenic


So thought we should spell it out for you, we do hair, we do beautiful sexy AF hair, that is not driven on anything other than giving you a beautiful looking head 🙊

We are not sorry for how we communicate, it’s the way we talk, it’s real. If you think by you telling us who you are is going to make us do a better job or give you more attention I guess you should possibly not choose us, if you want awesome hair then there is really only one option.


Give us a call on 011 410 100 1

Should it be curly or straight

Well they all say Keratin or rebonding so what should you do? Choose the right thing for you and your hair!

Image via Pinterest

Well prevention is far better than cure, so a few things you can do now to prevent being a walking hair disaster once it’s raining everyday.

  • Don’t underestimate regular trims, every 6-8 weeks regardless. This removes split ends and keeps the ends in the best possible condition.
  • Always use conditioner, a leave in serum daily. This will keep the cuticle closed and prevent moisture getting inside the hair structure and creating unwanted frizz.
  • If it gets wet, dry it as quickly as possible.
  • Keratin good or bad? Well depending on your hair condition and texture but it certainly helps relax the hair and prevent the monsoon frizz.

Remember that a little preparation will get you through these crappy months. Using the right products and making sure you are not overdoing anything, the condition is paramount, look after that and your halfway there.


Call us on 011 410 10011

We do hair not fill your bathroom with products

I often wonder what motivates some people from trying to push products onto you, is it they have that big margins they make so much money from selling it? Is there a bulk deal they had to buy 2000 of them now they need to offload? We don’t really get it, our thought process is simple, if you are better off with it then we will tell you, if not then we don’t bring it up.


So if you come in and you find us talking non stop about the best places in to get. A pinacolada then its most likely your hair is fine, either that or someone has a hangover. After all we are in the business of doing hair and making you look the best possible not making a few rupees on filling your bathroom with unwanted or product that is not needed.

Facts about colouring your hair white

Ever woken up one morning and thought, today is the day I want to go white blonde, could be a break up or a mental breakdown either way you have decided that Today is the day! Well here are some things you need to know before picking up the phone!


Firstly it may not even be possible so calm down Sharon, it is not a color that it taken out of a box and applied wait 30 minutes then rinsed, its a lot more complex and involved and depends largely on your hair, current color, the texture and density of your hair as well as the condition. Before we do anything like this we always suggest that you have a long hard think about it because it not a 30 min job it in fact can take hours and hours and then still not be completed and you may have to return a few days later or even twice to get the exact tone. Its not cheap as it involves several applications of color and a lot of time.

Things to think about before doing it

  • If your a guy with facial hair, will you be keeping the beard, if so you do realise the difference in color will stand out?
  • Depending on how dark you are naturally, you will see the regrowth within a few days ( yes within days as dots and your natural hair will look black against the super blonde hair.
  • You may need to get a toner ( a color to block the gold or yellow pigment ) within a week or even a few times a month as the gold or yellow pigment will appear
  • Your shampoo and conditioner WILL effect your color!
  • If you get tired of it, you can not just color over it and pretend it never happened, once it is coloured it is coloured and the damage or potential damage is there until it grows out.

If you are still keen to do it then it may be time to come and have a chat with us in person to see if its possible and what will be involved, this is not a color that can be quoted over phone or email we need to see your hair first.


How to get the Grey look Naturally

So your tired of getting your natural black color and have a lot of grey so the regrowth is visible. Well take a close look at the below image, then scroll down and keep reading…


It looks natural right?

Because it is, its really that simple and if you have been colouring your hair for a while then there is really only one option and that is let it grow out, the mix of white and your darker hair will create that grey type look itself by default giving the appearance of ” Grey” when in fact it is dark and white combination.

Obviously natural hair looks natural and if you have been trying to fool yourself for years that everyone thinks your 25 and yet we all know you are 45 it may be time to start thinking of how you can look better and be more low maintenance.

Ah so Google told you

It has been told to us that “google said it was possible” a few times and with everyone focusing so much energy on getting a DIY option there is no wonder there is so much work for us fixing hair disasters. With even the most unqualified salons paying a large amount of money to Google so that they appear on the search its no wonder why there are certain things that can not be trusted.


If you are looking at doing something stupid, don’t choose to play with your hair yourself or you may be spending the first half of 2018 growing it out or trying to fix it.

Leave it to a professional salon!

When you need to get a new Vibe

Ever just looked at yourself and thought, “Yep I’m not feeling it” it may be time for a change, well then what better way to get started in 2018 a fresh New Year than getting yourself a New look, a hair makeover!


Give us a call on 011 410 100 11 and we will get you loving your hair and your Mojo will be on track to rock 2018 like never before

So its 2018, what has changed?

A lot of people put so much pressure on New Year celebrations or resolutions and its not even a week that has passed and yet fairly likely the same people have done not much different than they did in 2017.  Sure its great to have a kick ass party  and make all sorts of commitments for the New Year but you must have the conviction to carry it through, nothing is more demotivating than saying you will commit to something knowing full well that there is no way you can or will achieve it.


To be able to change your current situation you must be able to feel like a new person or at the very least feel like you are capable of change or developing yourself, your reflection may or may not change but its your perception of what you see that needs to change and be the best it possible can be. Believe it and achieve it, this is a fresh year and you do not have to wait another minute to have the life you want!