When your hair looks more like a Butt

We all have one of those friends who is obsessed with makeup tutorials, buys every brand known to mankind and yet has hair that looks more like a butt than anything else, or is it just us?


Tag a friend and let them know that they need to get themselves into a salon like ASAP!


How to protect that bright color

If you have ever coloured your hair you will know that getting it done and maintaining it can be two completely different things, sure every effort may be made in the process however if you do not look after it the intensity will fade!


Things to make sure you are doing to keep the color alive!

  • Use a sulphate free shampoo, this is detergent free and will be a lot more gentle on the color and you will experience less fade.
  • Always condition, Even if you think you shouldn’t, you have to use a conditioner as this closes the cuticle and will keep the color inside the hair shaft longer and not let it be exposed to the sun, or fading.
  • Dont do any chemical treatments after your color, this will strip out the color faster than you can imagine. Once its coloured do nothing.
  • Regular trims, every 5-6 weeks, removes split ends ( which will not hold color intensity at all ) and keeps the hair looking fresh and in good condition


Hope this helps, if you need more advice drop into the salons and ask us 🙂

How much hair fall is normal

You all worry like hell, in fact every single time you see one strand of hair you think you are going bald, yes you do don’t lie!


Its perfectly normal to think about some things and its ok to do your research, science is constantly developing new ideas and medicine so it fairly possible that after we hit the publish button parts of this may be not true lol but highly unlikely ( just saying )

To have some hair fall is completely normal and you can not do anything about it, its natures way.  Approx 90% of the follicles on your hair are active and are producing hair growth, whilst the other 10% are dying and the hair will fall out and a new hair will start to grow from that follicle. thats great I hear you saying but what does that mean, how much is abnormal and how much is too much? Well approx 100-150 hairs per day is in the spectrum or normal and you should not be concerned at all! Now because we know you and we know you like to be a little over the top and freak out constantly like you have nothing else in your life to worry about lets put it all into perspective.

If you wash your hair every second day, a lot of the hair from day 2 will still be on your head, possible already fallen but stuck there so when you shampoo your hair or most likely when you apply conditioner it will appear in your hands. Now the conditioner is NOT causing this, it closes the cuticle so makes the hair smooth hence the hair that is already out but tangled amongst other hair will now slide out in your hand. Again this is NORMAL and 2 days of normal hair loss equals 150 times two = 300 hairs. Take that to washing every 3rd day = 450 hairs.

Can you stop hair fall? NO not completely

Is there a hair fall shampoo, yes and its marketing campaign is amazing!

Is there a treatment you can do to make it not fall out, ummmmm no

Hair fall in the above range is normal and not to be worried about, a good diet, a good haircare regime using a sulphate free shampoo and always conditioner and your off to a good start.

Two story Hair Salon in Meherchand Market

So it struck us that a lot of people tend to walk around looking at the pavement, of course this can be for our own safety considering the state of some footpaths or lack of, however Meherchand market has a great footpath and is possibly the only shopping market that has a proper footpath so there is no excuse you haven’t seen our Salon!


We have two floors of Hair, yes two, ground floor as well as first floor and all we do is hair, we specialise in hair, our focus is hair and all of our services are hair which makes us focused on…..yes you guessed correct HAIR.


What will suit you?

We all think we are unique, we all want to be a little different and have a USP to our life, its one thing to want to be different by choice or by design. Some people are born to that way, they want to stand out and question the ” Norms “and will go out of their way to make sure they don’t fit in and some people will say they don’t want to be normal yet everything they do is mainstream!


Now mainstream is not a bad thing, if thats your jam then own it and rock it, however if its not then its fine too but it doesn’t matter if its your hair, your travel plans, your relationship particulars or anything else its your choice!

We don’t confess to know it all but all but we do know that you are individual and to get your hair to actually suit you it needs to not only work with your face shape but personality, lifestyle and styling requirements. To find this out its a conversation that needs to happen between you and your stylist to get all the info and questions asked, then it can be discussed.

If you eat this for breakfast, your hair will appear sexier

Its not rocket science but our bodies need to be our temples and what you put in you get out. imagine you constantly feed your mind negative thoughts, chances are fairly slim that you life with be super positive, if you eat junk food chances are your not going to be running at capacity right?


So chances are if you started your day with this awesome looking monster you would have the best day possible and no matter what you would be looking at life in a more positive way!

Don’t let negative thoughts or actions change your mood or alter your personality, life should be awesome!

We will teach you how to do it yourself

We are all born with some skills and whilst some people think they know it all, the reality is usually very different! We believe that whilst getting your hair done not only should you watch, but we will also take you through the tips and tricks to make sure you can manage it yourself. Its one thing to go and get a blow out because you have plans its another to have the freedom to be able to do it yourself whenever you like.


Power is in your hands, literally! Being able to do it yourself is better than relying on others to do it for you…..yes for both lol

You want blonde, brown, bright, natural full and flat hair then you must read how we deal with crazy!

We kind of think of ourselves as different, in fact we are and we know it, now its not one particular thing that we can say is dramatically different from everyone else although a lot of small things that amount to a lot. Now recently we had someone come in and we would not name anyone however when something happened its good to talk about it as we are sure there may be others out there that feel the same so here goes! ( if you have anxiety please take your meds now, this could cause you to feel like throwing your computer out the window! )



Now Mrs X comes in wanting color, we like to talk to people to find out whats going on in their head before we do anything, be it a color or a cut, we have to know what why and when etc in order to be able to exceed expectations we firstly have to know what expectations you have right?

So when someone comes in and says they want a ” good color ” and something that is natural but everyone should notice it, we tend to know something is not right.

MrsX- Should be lighter but not too light, natural but at least 5-6 shades lighter and I don’t want it to touch my scalp, please leave out 1 inch of the roots.

US-After the severe head pain started we decided to stop the conversation and start a fresh to no avail, showing pictures of light copper hair when her hair was almost black and saying that she wanted something natural like this……. ( I needed a drink at this point ) OK so here is the problem, why are you wanting to color your hair, the answer was everyone is doing it, ok so thats good but do you want to go lighter?

Mrs X- Yes lighter but not too much lighter, little lighter, should be good color, natural, but everyone should notice it, I don’t want to look cheap or gold and don’t put close to my scalp because I know colouring your hair makes it go grey! I did my research ok I know! You tell me what to do and I will do it, make it good

US- Well at this point the drink went from a small to a double and the pain had traveled from the front of my head to the entire head and moving towards every atom in my body at a rapid rate. We decided to try and start again ( for the third time now ) Your hair won’t go grey from colouring it BTW that is a myth and there is absolutely no fact behind it.

Mrs X- I know ok please don’t tell me this, my auntie told me and I also read it on internet so its true, so whatever you do it should not touch my scalp at all, I don’t want grey!

Us- Deep breaths, does that work, would it be ok to like go outside and just throw something? kinda at this point but no we didn’t. We started again, ok lets put all of this aside ad have a look at some photos, we did…. all of which looked completely the opposite to what she was saying, Then showing some violet colours amongst light copper and dark brown.

The problem here is no matter what you do it will never make you happy, its our job to direct you into doing something that you will love, but in order to do that we must firstly know what is going on in your mind, You can’t walk into a restaurant hoping to have the best meal of your life, ask the waiter to send you the nice food, the best food you have and think that its going to be exactly what you have been dreaming about. Maybe it will be, maybe it won’t, maybe it will be his opinion based on what others order and have no boxes ticked for you other than just food!

In these situations we get another hairstylist to talk to them ( sometimes its just a simple matter of personalities or maybe language ) so we did, well that hairdresser couldn’t handle it and told Mrs X that everything she said was contradicting itself and he had no idea what she wanted.

Solution, we send her away with homework, do some research and put some thought into what color you are after, save some images from Pinterest, get onto instagram and send us the photos of hair you like as well as the ones you don’t like so we can then move forward. Its setting yourself up for success and to be happy vs getting something done thinking that whatever you do is going to be ok, its not.

Now a lot of salons won’t do this ( its not a common situation, in fact its rare that this level of confusion happens) but when it does should a salon just color it and take the clients money knowing that what they are asking for is so wrong and that she probably won’t be happy? Well we think its better to say no, we think its better to get a clear picture of what is expected, a clear vision of what makes you happy, a clear plan and then move forward.

Mrs X is coming back in a few days with images and we will be approaching her with love, peace and openness along with our medication in hand in case things go south! Wish us luck!

Home remedies to Stop hair fall

Home remedies started pre internet and before there were any other options other than to rely on the information passed down from generation to generation, back then it was all you had, there was no on line shopping, no boutique brands and certainly the only research was based on what your family did or what stories were told.


Now whilst some may sound legit, there are very few that actually work or in fact some have the adverse effect and cause problems rather than cure anything. Somewhat like a placebo you may end up thinking that by doing some of these obscure things you hair may grow longer, thicker, fast and any other promise your 110 year old grandmother tells you!

Now whilst some of the home remedies we have been exposed to are not only crazy but plain disgusting, like onion pulp on your scalp….seriously? If you think putting Olive oil or coconut oil on your scalp is going to miraculously going to solve anything, you really need to get your head right!

Before you go to your fridge, do a little research on this thing called Internet and make the determination yourself, don’t take our opinion as authority its best to get the information yourself then make a decision.

You may have a expensive building but it doesn’t mean you deliver luxury!

Recently someone called our Salon super Luxury and whilst to most that would seem like  somewhat of a compliment, we heard it and almost pushed him in from of the bus! We are not a luxury Salon, are we cheap no, is it a nice looking salon, yes so why wouldn’t we call ourselves Luxury?


Well its as basic as the picture above say’s, if you put an expensive light on the pole, does it work better? Do you see more? Is it a better experience driving down that road?

The answer is obviously no right but yet some people often think the fittings of the building dictate the level of service which is totally the wrong way to look at it.

We certainly didn’t go the cheap route for the salon but we have kept the design simple because we think its important to put our time and energy into the training and level of service we deliver.

Its not up to us to tell you that avoid a salon that is expensive looking and try out the cheap looking half baked ones, its not at all what we are saying but good to be aware of the traps and avoid falling into them.