When you thought you were cool

There was a lot of attention over the last 6-12 months and we saw a lot of people going pastel, some were cool but now your stuck with a faded out color that makes you look more like a cheap Barbie doll than the fashion icon that you had in mind, so what do you do?


Well forget getting the clippers out and shaving it off, I think we are a far way off that just yet, lets look at what you can and can’t do without destroying your hair. Keeping in mind especially if you have darker hair, to get to the lighter shades you have managed to take your hair to the end of the world and back and its nothing short of a miracle that it is still attached to your head so covering up all this hard work when its only been a few short weeks since you had it done!

Considering pastel tones or bright colours have a limited time frame for holding in your hair, even when you have been super good and used all the right things, it will fade this is normal!

Here are your options!

  • Re apply a pastel tone, why not make the most out of having lighter hair, change it up a little but look at it like this, you wont have to lighten it up as its already been done!
  • Sure you can go one solid bright color, in fact why not, this will evolve your look and give it a healthy appearance!
  • You can cover over the entire head, darker BUT remember that even though you are going darker and there is no sign of the light color any more, it is still there and the damage is already done, no matter what you do now until that hair is cut off it has been exposed to several applications of color and will tend to be fragile!


Things to keep in mind when you color your hair like this, it won’t last as long a s a regular color, you must use conditioner, you must use a serum to close the cuticle which will help keep the color locked in.



How to get shinny Hair

Apparently one of the most searched things to talk about is how to make your hair look healthy vs actually making it healthy. Now whilst obviously prevention is better than trying to fix something that is already ruined but we will share with you one of the best keep secrets to get shinny hair immediately!


Now there are a zillion masks, treatments, hair spa’s, oils, serums etc etc on the market and some work to some extent and some are just nonsense that are cosmetic vs actually making any difference. To have shinny hair it is the light reflecting on the outer layer of the hair ( the cuticle ) now if the cuticle has been damaged, could be from blow drying, using hot styling tools or overdone colour or keratin etc then no amount of ” Spa” or treatment is going to fix it anytime between now and Xmas so how do you look good for the holidays?

Here is how!

We use a clear gloss that is low in ammonia and will act as a lacquer over your hair, won’t change your colour, won’t damage your hair but will get the light reflecting off it today! Now whilst this will make your hair feel better it is NOT a repair service it is simply to help it look better. Depending on the condition it can make a huge difference, it will wash out so it is safe to do and won’t have any long term negative effects!

Low fuss haircuts you need to try

its one thing to get a new cut and another thing if you can manage it yourself, no one wants to have to visit the salon to get a blow out every few days, apart from the fact no one has the time, its expensive! We believe that the true test of the cut is when you can manage it yourself at home, we take the time to teach you and show you the tricks we use so you don’t need to come every few days and get a blow out, you can we would love that but we have better things to do as we are sure you do too!

Here are some fun easy fuss free haircuts you must try!


If you have curly hair then this is it! the right cut, with a little texturing and the right products and a few tricks on how to style it this is virtually fool proof!


Your hair is wavy and you like it long? Then this is hot AF and super sexy hair, you do not need to over do it and thats the trick!


Remember your mum taking you to get a cut and you ended up with bangs that were that short they needed to last the term at school? Now its cool, thanks Mum!


Now no matter how hard you try to sell the long hair thing, short hair on woman is HOT, a bowl is not only cool can be one of the easiest cuts to maintain on a daily basis if done right!


Ok so your lazy and really think hair is whatever and have the confidence to carry it off, then this is everything! No tricks needed, no products, no fancy blow out will change it, it will be the same daily!

head down bum up

Its Friday night, the second most sought after in terms of expectations for excitement for the week! No one should screw with it right but after a week of hell in the office, pressure from family, bills etc etc the last thing you could be bothered with is going out and putting on a. happy face!


You would much prefer to go home, collapse in bed fully dressed with your makeup on and possibly wake up at some stage over the weekend feeling refreshed. Apparently studies show that getting your hair done makes you feel 68% more rested and relaxed, well who believes these studies anyway right? Like how on earth does anyone get 68% figure out of it, not like we disagree in fact we agree with it but just saying.

Why not head to the salon and get a blow out, look good feel good this weekend, don’t add anxiety to it and make sure you come to us

If you have to continually push it into place, alter it, shout at it, abuse it then you need to read this

There are times in life that no matter how much you wish it came naturally, it just doesn’t. Getting out of bed early on your weekend off to practising the downward dog, some things are just not meant to be!


Doing your hair should not be one of those things, we believe that the cut we give you not only should sustain itself, you should be able to style it yourself with ease! If you can’t then there is a real problem, after all if you have to go to the salon to get a blow out to make your hair look good then what good is your hair serving you?

A few small tricks and hints is typically all it takes and as we do your hair we explain what and why we do certain things, this way you know firstly what we are doing but also in case you want to try it yourself then you can. After all true freedom is in knowledge and awe want you to be free!

If you keep ignoring me, one day I will just leave

You get a new present and for a few days its the best thing on the planet, or you dream about being able to sit at the same table as your dream girl. Yet once you do its kinda like ok thats cool now what, the thrill is gone, in fact you take it for granted because you have it on tap.


Imagine your hair, you really don’t look after it and assume it is always going to be there right? Well in some cases its not, nothing lasts forever unless you take the time to look after it, you don’t plant a tree then walk away expecting it to be better than ever when you decide to go back to it one fine day when your in the mood do you?

We need to nurture the things we love, today and everyday if we expect them to be there tomorrow or maybe one day they won’t be. If you have neglected your hair too long then its time to call us or get your self into the salon!

Treat everyday like its the last day you will have it and see the difference, doesn’t matter if its hair or your partner or your new phone!

Be thankful

Its easy to get lost in day to day life and keep wishing your life away, I will be happy when this or that happens, then when it does there is already another hurdle you have placed before happiness is in your pocket. But imagine if you actually stopped and thought about things for a moment and thought of all the things wonderful that you already have in your life?


At some stage of your life, these things or situation you are in are the exact things you prayed would happen, they did happen, this is your life! Be thankful for them, be thankful for the people who are in your life and live the life you are born to live! Easier said than done sometimes but a little mind training and effort you will see that your life is blessed, situations pass and if its a bad time these too are a blessing and you will get through it.


Thank you for everyone that has been supportive, challenged us, pushed us, ignored us, said no to us, walked past us or been there the entire journey. If it wasn’t for each of you we would not be the people we are so thank you !





What you expect entering the clubs this weekend

You spent 2 hours grooming your bits a few hours getting the right underwear and then make up hair etc so basically the entire day getting ready and to top it off the extra sessions in the gym, the countless beauty treatments to seek perfection then this is what should happen when you walk into the club right?


Well it should be considering the effort you have put in, so make sure you get your hair on point from the one salon who knows how to do Victoria Secret Hair!


Call us on 011 41010011


What you actually look like

So recently we had the amazing opportunity to meet someone who spent several hours just staring at herself in the mirror pulling this face!



At first we thought hey, self love is the best love right, then after a while and several hair flips we thought maybe there is something wrong, she may need hydrating so we go her a coffee, we have nice coffee and hey get her some water too. Nope only stopping to do continue and flip from one side to the other, we repeatedly asked if she was ok and she managed to squeeze out a ” yes I’m great and you” each time we asked.

Has this condition come to light from children being asked to kiss when they are small, or is it a condition we like to call butt kiss, where you can’t look at your own reflection without puckering up? If you know someone with this problem please we beg you to contact a doctor and cover all reflective surfaces in the house if you want to have any form of conversation with them at all!

Memberships now on sale

Everyone wants to feel special or loves a deal and there has been some interest lately in memberships to come visit our salon so we thought we would explain what our thoughts are about “Memberships”

Sure you may have to shell out a bulk amount to get your special membership rate for the next 3-6 or 12 months but I guess some people are attracted to a % discount more than anything else.

A lot of salons have membership and push it hard for you to buy into it, it gives you a good discount and I guess if your happy with it then good for you. We don’t offer Membership and it’s not because we don’t want to give you a cheaper haircut or take your money in advance it’s because we value what we do and value the quality of our work.

More often than not you will purchase a “membership” only to find out you really don’t want or like what’s on offer anyway, or even worst is the practise of using the value on services you don’t need just to try and recover the discount they gave you.

We believe it’s best to search for quality first then price as 90% of the time you will end up spending more fixing mistakes.

Call us

Life in a fort Palace

So last weekend we decided to pack up the car and drive out of town considering the pollution was so bad but wanted to only spend a few hours driving. Didn’t know Neemrana had as many properties as they do and Tijara is only 2.5 hours drive. Play list done, car lollies done but didn’t end up eating any stopped at Mc Donald’s only because of the novelty of the drive through 😜

Arrived in 2.5 hours exactly 🚗

Funny how having no noise, a dog barking 3-4 km away can sound so peaceful, nothing but birds. The air was breathable and the serenity was overwhelming.

There is nothing much to do, Intermet is there and 4g is ok in certain spots but to be honest would have been ok if it wasn’t it’s a perfect place to chill and let your mind stop. If your looking for a getaway from Delhi that’s an easy drive then head over to Tijara Fort Palace but make sure you pack bathers even if it’s a bit cold the pool is amazing!

Express root

Don’t you hate it when auto correct actually knows what your thinking 😜

Regardless of the headline we are actually referring to trying to go from point A to point Z with your hair as fast as you can. The only time you can do that is if you have long hair and want it short, cut it off and it’s done. If you want to go dark to light it takes time, effort and consideration to the structure of the hair. If you want healthy hair then you have to follow the process.

Be it a lap band to loose weight or bleaching your black hair to blonde you have consequences. If you don’t care about what happens then go right ahead and jump in and do whatever you want but promise there will always be consequences.


Salon makeover TV show searching for the next salon to transform

You may know of a salon that used to shine, it used to rock but it has for whatever reason been let to get a little “old” maybe the team have lost their mojo, maybe there are no systems?

It could be just a matter of a lick of paint or having someone fresh come in an help bring it all together. Well Rod Anker is on the hunt for a salon to transform!

Get the insight to one of India’s most wanted hairstylist and be mentored to be the best team you can be!
How to nominate a salon?

It’s free, all we need is 3 images of salon, inside 2 and one from outside with one paragraph why you want to be a part of this and what problems you are having. Salon must be in Delhi NCR

Email to – [email protected]

Who wants a free iPhoneX? All you need to do is 

Since the majority of the time you have your head down looking at your phone there are several things to remember before buying an new IPhoneX.

  • Save time blow drying, just do the top as no one will see the rest.
  • If you have color regrowth is visible after 4-8 instagram posts depending on your level of self obsession.
  • Your hair needs washing every second Facebook check in.
  • Recharge your phone, check your hair, unless your the one with the charger strapped on 24/7 then every now and then open the camera and check it that way you dont have to look at anyone in the eye or interact in the real world.

Every now and then look up, the world you think you want, the one you tag others in, those moments you don’t even see are 4 feet away from you!

What’s app goes down 

I think it’s safe to say the only thing coming in the mail now are bills, online deliveries and letters from the government. Long gone are the days someone used to drop something in the mail to say hi or express how they felt, sometimes not in a good way lol 😂 
Now it’s a short blunt message on what’s app, the quickest reply without thought or often the other person doesn’t even read the message or will reply with “lol” or “k”.
Maybe instead of having random conversations with half of the planet on groups,  we learnt how to communicate with the people we care about.

No more “GM” or 😘🤤😩🙄😂😝🙏🏻👍🏻👇🏻🤘🏻✌🏻but words, that would be fun, that may be the thing that’s missing!

More options than KFC

You feel like a fish burger but want fries, a side salad and a refreshing drink? You can have short hair that is long and dark and light right?

When it comes to color we have more options than KFC and considering Mc Donald’s has all but closed here it’s important to keep things fresh!

If your looking for a hair color change then there is only really one option.

Phone 📞 ‭011-41010011‬

Stop complaining, your alive and it could always be worse

Some days will be filled with rainbows, unicorns and fairies and other days everyone on the planet will seem like they are going out of their way to just annoy the 💩 out of you.  Your too fat, your girlfriend doesn’t show you enough love, your boss is a mofo, your hair is too thin.

Well here are some friends who have it a whole lot worse just to help put things into perspective for you!

Take a breathe and appreciate what you have, love life! 

Facebook instagram aur gharwalo ka kaam to sambhal nahi raha…. girlfriend kaha se sambhalu

I don’t know about you but life is so full it’s hard to fit in those extra things let alone the basics.

You may have one, two, three or maybe more social media platforms which require time daily, maybe a blog ( lol we do but so do most ) then work, partner, family, life etc etc it’s just sometimes far too much! I’m some way I envy those people not on social media although I do think they must be slightly odd, like what would you talk to them about?

Imagine asking someone who has no idea about Instagram to do a boomerang lol I guess we all are the stupid ones now.  Or imagine trying to explain OOTD they would be like, wtf would you take a photo of yourself for?

I guess it’s a matter of making time for the things that are important, it’s no good saying you want to be a super success then saying you couldn’t fit it in. 

Secret to get healthy shinny hair

You have seen the amazing photos online, they advertise it, your so keen to get your dry dull hair looking healthy so how do you do it?

The reality you will think is so basic you will assume we are lying but it’s fact so here goes

  • Get regular trims, regardless of length or desired length your hair needs trimming every 6-8 weeks.
  • Do not overdo chemical treatments, yes keratin is a chemical.
  • Avoid heat tools as much as possible, once a week is ok.
  • Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner every day or every second day.
  • Use a heat protecting serum and/or a leave in conditioner every time you wash your hair.
  • Don’t overlap color, if you have regrowth then color just that, the idea to run the color through the ends is wrong, it only causes damage and your ends should be slightly lighter than the roots anyway to look natural.

Now if you do this we promise you your hair will start looking shinny and healthy in no time!

How to get your Selfie game on

Some people can do it effortlessly whilst others ( like us ) struggle like we are drowning in the middle of the ocean and it’s painful to watch.

Now I make sure you don’t have to end up covering your head because of bad hair get yourself into see us and we will teach you how to maintain it. 

Why people unfollow you

There is a constant chase of followers, could be for business or could be personal with the perception the more you have the better you are or more value you have. Obviously anyone who has spent more than 10 min on it knows that your content dictates your value then it’s about numbers. I don’t know how some people go from 0-10000 literally in a week and have the nerve to have in their bio ” for collabs email me” like really? 😂 

Good on you, not sure it’s that easy but I’m sure you will work it out sooner or later.
The main reason most people stop following be it on line or in real life is usually boredom, no one gets any joy out of hearing the same thing day in day out, seeing the same thing day in day out, eating the same food day in day out. It’s boring!
Best advice would be to keep things interesting and fun!

The race to go blonde

Once you have decided to go light you want it right now, no waiting, It needs to be done now!

The problem is your hair doesn’t feel the same, to get it to go from one point to another it has to be done in a way that both the condition and integrity of the hair as well as the desired color is achieved. If you lighten it up too fast the tone will change after a week or even a few days.  Look at it as transitioning the color during each season to be able to reach your goal by the next season.

It’s not a race, it’s a process.