You look like they just dragged you out of the swamp 

So your a walking train wreck, your hair even freshly washed looks more like you have been rescued from the local swamp or Cess pool. Friends have given up asking, what on earth you think you are trying to do. The closest thing to a date in Like forever is a prune lol

Yes I think it’s time to visit us! 

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Important info on your new personality update

We don’t go to school leave then stop learning, in fact at school we learn very little in the grand scheme of things so constant updates are required in order for us to grow in our personality, work  and life. 

Growing doesn’t mean steroids, it means learning new things, being a better human, fixing bugs and becoming the best person you can be.  It’s not a copy + paste from others it’s about changing you, not sweetheart your not perfect, no one is. 

If there is heart and no head or visa versa you life would be not only boring but a disaster. Humans  have been evolving since Adam & Eve so let’s continue that journey and just because you have a beautiful printed certificate hanging so proudly above your desk from 20 years ago, try to grow and upgrade yourself daily. 

If you point a finger there is 4 pointing back at you, change starts with you

Nudist beaches 

Running around on the beach with the sea air on your face, sand between your toes and the sunshine on your skin!  Oh yeah if it’s a nudist beach then you really should use protection, sunscreen that is. 

Live in the middle of the desert 🌵 and can’t get to the beach?

 There is always Sea Salt Spray by Label M to give you that beachy texture to make you feel like your beside the ocean and not at work or stuck someplace that sucks.  

I want you home by 5 and grown your hair!

It’s a sad situation that in a world that can send a human to the moon we think it’s ok to dictate to another human how to wear there hair! Ironically If your in prison or in the Army then I guess you should be told what to do with “your” hair but if your in a relationship I really doubt anyone on planet earth should think they have the right to tell you how to wear your hair!

Don’t cut it too much my husband will go crazy!

I would think most people in the world who respect themselves would consider this mental & emotional abuse. To think that one person who is meant to love you, will suddenly stop loving you ( or dictate there view with consequences if not followed ) is simply crazy and depressing!

When we have clients in the salon that say “I would love to cut it short but I can’t, what to do” our reply is cut it short! People should be free to wear there hair, long, short, color or no color as they wish without fear from persecution from anyone especially people who are meant to be there for you unconditionally. 

Give me something yummy! 

When it comes to explaining what look your after be it a color or a cut it can be very difficult, we have heard it all!

Some discriptions include ( actual conversations)

  • I want a really yummy color
  • I want it rich, not dark, not light, not red but not flat
  • It should look sporty, casual but still formal
  • Don’t cut the length, the layers and I don’t want bangs or to change the color but it has to look 100% different
  • I want to wash it and not do anything but it should be exactly like this photo ( shows a photo from a Chanel campaign) and I don’t want to use anything on it!
  • I want it to look like sex
  • Has to match everything in my wardrobe.  
  • I want the color to be seen, not by everyone especially not my parents. 
  • I want it to be very light but the roots can’t grow out dark ( this one was hard to keep a straight face 😐)
  • I know I have black hair but I want it white, I only have 30-40 min. 

And the list goes on!

We know it’s hard to explain something that is in your head better than anyone else, we know the right questions to ask, the right questions not too and the references to get your taste buds wet! Getting a feeling or an image out of your brain is what we do and what we train on so you will know the difference between average and the best hair you have ever had!

We will have you licking the mirror by the time the clubs open!

You have been searching the Internet, on line and clubs but you still haven’t found the perfect hair that turns you on?

Maybe your looking for love in all the wrong places!

Drop us a email, a DM on Instagram or rock into our salon and we will get you licking the mirror before the clubs open!

Let your words be a bunch of roses 🌹 

We have spoken about this before, but feel it needs to be spoken about more as a lot of people don’t get it. Really doesn’t matter what you believe in, the reality is the words the exit your mouth dictate the person you are perceived to be. Speak with anger, anger follows you around. Speak with love, love will chase you like a dog that hasn’t been fed for a week.

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It’s sad that today we still hear people going to work and being spoken too like they are slaves, people going into salons being told there hair is terrible, you walk out in the street people screaming at each other. Where is basic humanity? When was it ok to talk to people or about people like they are less than equal?

Fact is it’s not ok, doesn’t matter if you are born in the back of an auto rickshaw, or in a penthouse there is no difference we all came into the world the same and respect is basic essential. Quite often we are told that some hairdressers use the “tactic” of putting down clients current hair or previous cut simply to make themselves look better when in fact most people see directly through it and understand it’s rude and completely wrong!

We respect everyone the same, we expect it in return as the saying goes ” Only good vibes”

Come and experience hairdressing the way it should be!

Wrapping your hair in a towel or turbin is making you bald

Chances are in summer and winter you wash your hair and throw it up in a towel while your getting ready to remove the excess moisture and this could be ripping your hair out!

Whilst the act alone isn’t the cause it’s the behavior around it that causes the damage. We find a lot of people will use a towel on their head to dry it like they are moping a floor, rough and aggressive! This will agrevate the hair and cuticle making it frizzy.

So how are you meant to do it we hear you ask?

Well it’s fairly simple, shampoo and condition as normal, when the conditioner is in use a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends comb out any knots ( do NOT rough up the hair from this point onwards). Rinse gentle using the palm of your hands until all the conditioner is out, squeeze excess water out keeping the hair flat. Finish your business in the shower get out and lightly pat, yes PAT dry your hair, don’t rub it!

Add a water soluable serum then style as desired. There should be no pulling, rubbing or flipping that’s for cleaning the floor or making Hamburgers !

When your wardrobe, sex life and hair is plain vanilla  

Are you the type of person that cuddles the pillow to sleep, wears your old comfy shorts to bed and your go too hair is a top knot? 

Not saying to invite the local soccer team over and cut all your tops in half so relax!

A few things that could change things up!

Try wearing your hair down and a little messy, a top knot although it’s easier if it’s your daily go too can be boring, try something new. If your just bored with the same look Day in day out because you really can’t be expected to keep anyone’s attention, your boring. 

Book yourself to get your hair done! 

You get color all over your face?

As the saying goes, work in shit, fall in shit and it’s never more true than getting a color done. I guess applying color to someone’s head is easier than going duck shooting but some hairdressers still think they are being artistic by creating a horizontal canvas across your head, face, floor, chair and at times the walls. Clean sections and attention to details is the best way to color hair, in fact if they have to get color remover out and scrub your face to remove it you should be re thinking your choice in salons. 

Often people will ask put more color on, as if by putting double it may last longer. Sadly this is not true, in some situations it creates more heat and alters the color process.  Color on ends is not something you should be doing often at all in fact unless there is a major problem color on ends should be slightly lighter than the roots so by doing it the only thing your doing is drying out the ends and creating a problem with the condition. 

Bored af? Here are 5 things to do right now!

Your thrill for the day is seeing your own reflection in the mirror naked and then it’s off to work to wait till lunchtime. After that’s it’s a countdown to go home eat watch Tv then bed! Sounds like you?

It’s time to change things up a little! Haircut vs new wardrobe? Haircut is cheaper and can wear it everyday without people thinking your homeless so it’s the perfect choice we think! Get on Pinterest or Instagram and get some inspiration and book your appointment now before life sucks the life out of you!

Hair for you guys!

You wash it and condition it every day, so that’s taking care of it right?

No it’s not, regardless of what your length it there has to be more than basic care. Unless the drowned rat look is in you need to do the following! 

Yes you need too

  • Wash and condition it daily
  • Dry it either with a towel or hairdryer depending on your styling requirement. 
  • Use product to ensure it behaves
  • Get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks
  • Change your style slightly every few times, nothing more boring that the same hair month after month
  • Hairy neck is not cool, trim that!
  • If it’s growing out of your ears, trim that too!
  • If it’s a notted mess after the shower, for the love of Jesus please comb it 

Guys your hair, given the fact 50% of you will loose it by 40 you need to be taking care of it! 

This is a community service announcement! 

When you realize what half price actually means!

You know when your hard up and on a budget and let’s be honest we all have a budget, it just varies from person to person but we all have one. You search on line, see the cheapest, look at reviews assess and then go ahead and make the purchase only to find out that the only way they can produce the item or service at this “amazing” price is because there is some fundamental elements left out of the equation. 

From the surface or the right angle it may look the same but one you look properly it is not even close!

We don’t do coupons, we do awesome hair, we don’t dont do waxing, we don’t do make up, we don’t do facials, we don’t cut corners unless it’s your hair. So if your looking for good hair then please give us a call. 

How not to look like a tiger

Imagine you want to have the color  with the supple variation of a house cat but you walk out looking like a tiger?! 

Whilst brand is important for condition and reaching desired color, it is the person applying the color that has to know the right techniques in order for it to look right. Heads of hair are never the same and whilst we all see cookie cutter style advertising on get this get that for xyz, the reality is it’s not about price, product or location it’s about having the right skill set to be able to achieve it!

Whilst tigers are endangered, the stripped look may have been in for the 80’s and certainly a eye catcher for a fashion show but on your hair daily, it’s really not that cool.  

You woke up with a hairy gorilla?

You wake up and see it, you freak out, sure you might have had a wild night and there was a bit of hair pulling but this amount?!

You loose 75-120 hairs per day and your pillow case is white, chances are you know the feeling first thing in the morning. No need to freak out chances are your not sleeping on a satin pillow case! The hair is already fallen but lodged in amoungst your hair so I bet you it’s not even close to 50 hairs ( if your that obsessed count them ). 

Regular washing & conditioner is perfectly safe and in fact we suggest it. 
So before you start stressing because you have woken up with a pillow full of hair, be glad you didn’t wake up with a stranger!

Hot boys 4 rent

Could be your as lazy AF, too busy building your empire too your the coolest kid on the block. Whatever it is the answer is yes, we can come to you, don’t panic don’t clean the house we have seen half naked celebrities and blow dried hair whilst people sit on the toilet it’s all good. 

Depending on your exact requirement the cost, starting at $1,500 plus travel cost we fly anywhere to do almost anything. More info email us [email protected] with your exact requirement and we will take care of everything and not leave a trace that we have even been there other than sexy bang on hair!

Everything you do is WRONG

Ever been in a situation that it feels like nothing you do is enough, everything is NQR and your falling short of delivering basic? I think we have all been there, you have to drag yourself out of it, the person critiquing needs to cease on the ” this is not right” mumbo jumbo and you need to kind of let it slide over your head and not take it personally otherwise you will end up simply not trying anymore and getting depressed. 

Just had a heart to heart with two of our lovely clients who said before coming to us they always had anxiety before visiting a salon due to the stylist’s criticism about there hair, the cut, the color etc. 

A professional stylist should never do anything but make you feel comfortable rather than making you feel self conscious of your hair, your look or the decision of who cut your hair last. Visiting a salon is firstly about the work and about making you feel like the best version of you possible.  

If your salon is not making you feel good then maybe it’s time for a change!

A face only your mother could love?

So you have a face for radio, one that only a mother could like?

You wake up every morning and don’t like looking in the mirror? It’s time for this shit to change and it’s time for you to start loving your reflection!


Well firstly let’s all agree that what goes on in your head decides what happens outside in reality so it’s super important that you get this attitude in control now. You change outside it impacts the inside, so it’s time to get yourself feeling good because life is short! Your reflection is perfection. Be happy, get up and get yourself into a salon and get something done to make yourself feeling awesome. 

Money but no honey

In a world in which we all are born thinking we have the right to do or be anything we want and you do! Some things money just can’t buy but there are some things it can too!

There was a doctor, a great doctor, not the best doctor but he was good ok very good. He wasn’t so busy so he advertised offering half price operations, good operations, maybe the best, hard to say but they were good. 

Public perception was simple and in fact reality, his skills turns out we’re not the best, in fact not that good even a fair bit less than good sadly. His work needed to be discounted, after all it’s a 50/50 chance your going to get through his procedures, which is still better than the 100% without maybe. 

When it comes to hair, we believe to give you the best we can not cut corners or it’s only a matter of time before best goes to good then basic then basically no good!

We believe in providing great hair, for a set price that enables us to do it not only today but to be able to train and grow to do it not only next time but next year. Cheap hairdressing is just that and we want to be delivering quality not cheap. 

Don’t let Valentine’s Day explode on your face 

Doesn’t matter what you think about that day, considering it’s an American thing and not really part of any other culture I guess it’s ok to ignore it or is it?

Hell no guys!

It’s not ok to make no effort! I’m all for equality but there are some things that us guys should be doing for the woman in our life no matter what they say!

Opening doors to buying flowers regardless of Valentine’s Day or not but considering it’s only a day away let’s start with that day, may be cliche but well who cares. 

Time for you guys to get your A game on!

We got Passion in the bag not coupons

So much money so little passion in building brands or companies that makes you wonder if tomorrow they will be around?

Starting anything generally comes from an idea, sometimes a random one or worst because someone said there is good money in it. Chances are most things will make money but if that is your primary focus it’s never going to happen. Having been hairdressing almost 30 years I have been told by so many during this time, forget money focus on quality and money will come. For the most part salons around the world are owned and run by hairdressers that get it, they have fire in there belly and passion to be the best. 

When it comes to building a brand, you can’t just create a very functional PDF and think to yourself, cool that’s what our brand stand for and that’s what we will do. Reality is no one that is part of the brand will either believe you or give a shit, most intelligent people see your copy paste mentality it’s kind of lame!

Culture of a brand comes from the people and without passion in the culture your just another salon doing the same old thing. Value isn’t about money, brand isn’t about me too, brand building is about passion and being the best version of you possible.  

Don’t get it, come see us and feel the difference up close because we are loving it?

You have decided to stop being a mermaid?

You have spent a few months semi naked, carefree and braided now your thinking you want a change of scenery on dry land with a new look so what are you going to do?

First things first let’s remove all traces of glitter, it’s a little messy in between the sheets anyway. 

Not to mention around the house, that shit just goes everywhere!

Have your last little romp around town with your tail and topless while you can still be considered exotic, as soon as that color changes they will all think your just crazy!

Now what options do you have with the color?

Depending on how much color, how long you have been doing it and the condition of your hair, it’s not an easy question to answer. Most likely your natural color has been lightened so bleaching your hair to remove the pastel should be done with great caution. Remember even if you can not see the blonde it is still there and so is the hair that was dragged through death and back. 
Taking it darker is possible but kind of lame considering you are currently a creature from the deep blue. One way would be to let it fade out naturally, we can remove some extra color to help speed up the process. If your totally over it we suggest a slightly deeper color that camouflages the pastel but be warned, no matter how dark you go, you will most likely be shocked!

Always get the full picture!

Some of us hear half the story and already decide the ending, for the person telling the story it’s incredibly frustrating. 

When it comes to getting the best hair possible, you have to have the full picture, understand the process and then assess. It’s not the type of thing you can shop on price, it’s a combination of skill, attitude, price & convenience. 

Always have an in depth consultation with a prospective hairstylist or even your current one on what it is exactly your after so you love your hair. Explain restrictions be it length, color, time or money. Remember the more information shared the more likely it is you will love it!

Spring hair 2017

Your wardrobe looks like the prop department at the local high school drama class, your desperately looking for a holiday, that’s not only in the budget but can be taken in the two days you have free in the next three weeks. 

Welcome to Spring!

Out with the old, somewhat attitude also, but referring to clothes & hair! It’s a constant discussion we have each visit to make small changes, what you think we enjoy cutting your hair the same month after month, year after year? It’s boring. 

Take 5 minutes now and think about what part of your hair you would change if you could do it just for one day! Now think why not! If the answer is because of someone else you need to forget that and start to make yourself happy, it’s hair, it grows. 

Have a discussion with your hairstylist on how to make small changes each visit so your look evolves. Or jump and just go bold, it is fun and changes not only your look but your attitude towards life!

Limitations are in your mind

Your hair growth facts

Your hair outside your body ( the visible stuff ) is dead keratin, the growth happens inside your body so before you start thinking about things you can do on the outside make sure your body is all set up for the best production for growth!

Obviously a good balanced diet is needed, a good amount of sleep, adequate hydration, limited stress etc etc and the list goes on. Let’s think about your scalp as the environment, it effects the growth but last time we checked, limited absorption of product, serum or your favorite ” hair spa” is not going to miraculously effect your hair that is under your scalp. 

A healthy scalp needs regular shampooing, daily is recommended with a Sulfate free product and never, never put oil on your scalp. It effects the ph level of the scalp area which in turn effects hair growth and not in a good way. 

A good diet, good sleeping pattern and good products when regularly shampooing. Sadly eating this or that to try to assist will help as much as eating 300 carrots a day to give you that flushed healthy cheeks lol

Get yourself into our salons and ask us what’s what. 

Hair magicians 

You have got the perfect reference, taken a booking and got your hair done only to see it looks nothing like the photo you showed the hairstylist the next day and you have no idea why or how to change it!

It’s super important we all get on the same page, hairdressers are not magicians but a good hairstylist will teach you how to recreate the look that you leave the salon with so everyday you love the look. Obviously the cut is the foundation to it all, if that’s not right then no amount of product or blow drying will fix it so the cut is super important. 

What products?

Very rarely will your bathroom consist of the endless supply that a salon has so it’s important you speak to your stylist on which ones you have to have and which ones would be good to have, it may mean getting one this visit and the rest next time. You should know how to use it, how much to use of it. 

Before leaving the salon a good stylist will explain the how, when, why, why not, the how hot & how cold to which direction to blow the hair as well as styling options. 

Good luck & see you soon!

Your hair is so big it needs its own base camp. 

Well if we didn’t think that wasn’t going to happen, then along came the big boofy circa 1980’s hair worn with so much confidence you really start thinking is this real!

It’s the most hideous “go too” for so many and yet it’s a total mystery why, unless it’s done for an editorial shoot or the runway then if it’s done right we can swallow it

But sadly we see hair so big it needs its own pin code and a base camp if you ever want to reach the top!

On a serious note now!

Having that much fullness obviously isn’t natural and is NOT flattering at all in fact makes most look like they are part of a drag show in Bangkok in a shady bar ( absolutely not discrimination intended just setting scene)

Less is best, apart from the extra head room in your car, your hair will thank you too because that amount of spray and teasing is just not sexy!

Stop it

Lakme fashion week Summer Resort 2017

We all wait with baited breath every time there is a fashion week to see which way fashion is moving, what’s going to be the new thing and what will inspire us not only in the industry but in life. Attended Lakme fashion week this season and we saw some definite trends dominating the ramp with hair

  1. The selfie
  2. Braids, lots and lots of braids
  3. Messy hair
  4. Afro’s, yes afro’s! Loved it
  5. Shorter hair! Yes short hair and great to see some diversity in hair lengths 

The runway around the world we see hair very differently, it’s about creating a feeling, an attitude vs creating uniformity. As an Industry we all have to work towards bringing out the best in each look whilst maintaining the overall vibe. That being said it has been great week in Mumbai, a few exciting things happening which we will share soon!

We feel diversity is the only way to grow, doesn’t matter if we are referring to immigration ( with what’s happening in USA ), culture, weight, size and attitudes is when there is a melting pot of the best of everything. Embrace everyone’s uniqueness and in fact encourage diversity that’s what enriches the world as well as tolerance levels. 

See all the looks Here thank you Lakme & Img for having me 

Pizza on the beach?

Your the type of personal who finds pizza on the beach more appealing than a stiff dinner in a hotel then Sea Salt Spray is your jam & we have your back girl! 

Now understand the difference between beach waves & Beach curl is beach waves are typically constructed ( styled that way ) vs beach curl which is more about creating or enhancing the natural movement ( or texture as so many want to call it ). 

Now both are great styles to use Sea Salt spray on without booking a trip to an island beach here goes

How to use it the best

A few pumps at roots and a few pumps throughout the hair when it’s fairly damp

If you want it messy spray don’t comb and let it dry naturally

For beach waves apply the same and style 

Our favourite product & the one we use is Label M Sea Salt

Hair is Art

I see hair like it’s a blank canvas, almost the same way I guess as a sculptor would view a piece of marble, rock or wood with endless possibilities. 

The future of each piece we create is living walking around for a month, then it is redone, re created, refreshed into a new vision breathing fresh air into the art again. Maybe it’s completely new, maybe it’s just a refresh from the previous creation but always art. 

Tricks and tips to getting and giving the best blow… out

When it comes to how to give an awesome blow out we know a thing or two! We thought we would help with sharing a few tricks to getting the best results. 

And for all those who are not paying attention we are talking the hair type!

  • Hot air dries the hair, cold air once it’s dry and hot will set it in place. 
  • Trying to style when it’s dropping wet causes breakage and damage. 
  • Always use a leave in heat protecting serum. 
  • Do not over shake the hair or it will go frizzy, it’s not a cocktail. 
  • To get the hair smooth finish with a blast of cool air using the nozzle. 
  • Dry in the direction of the cuticle. 
  • Do not burn or let anyone burn your hair whilst they try to “set it” it’s not the way a blow dry works or holds. 

Try these few tips and see how you go!

You want it rough?

You say you want it rough but you really want it more like a slow dance. 

The buzz word on everyone’s vocabulary lately is “texture” from designers, hairstylists to photographers but the word itself lends itself to leaving the hair like you just had a three hour romp in the gutter compared to what in fact texture should look like. 

Yes this is texture, a frizzy curl texture. 

This is a messy upstyle, again messy and wispy like it’s wind blown. 

This is texture but it’s a smooth loose wavy texture. 

This is texture, more like haven’t done anything to it texture and sadly when some hairstylist think texture this is what they do. Texture is basically hair that is not solid, so if your creating a mood board or think your the next big thing in hair understand the various textures and describe them as you imagine. 

Perfect products to create a variety of texture

Label m sea salt spray

Matt paste by label m

But remember not to over do it with product or teasing or it will look like a dogs breakfast. 

Pastel colors on Indian hair, alternative facts

So you’ve invested considerable time looking for the perfect color on Pinterest and now searching which salon to call before making the big step, let’s drop some not so “alternative facts” and help you sort through the nonsense that we heard you might be told! 

Understand a few things so you can leave the rest to a little common sense. The darker the hair the more it has to go through to get any light shade, the more you bleach it the more damage it can do. Hair is its gold yellow or red needs to be lighter to remove these undertones before being able to get the “mermaid” looking colors unless they too are red, yellow or orange. 

  • Depending on how dark your hair is, it can take 2-3 applications and up to 9 hours. 
  • May not be able to remove red, orange or yellow totally depends on your hair which in turn will effect end result 
  • Is more expensive than a regular color yes. Sometime a lot, 3-4 times. Anyone who offers this at a very cheap price or deal be suspicious 
  • Once you do the pastel shade over the blonde or lightened sections, understand it will fade fast, can stay for 10-15 washes or could last 1-3 months depending on hair quality after lightening. 
  • Will it make your hair fall out… no. If done incorrectly it could break but there are treatments to prevent this happening. 
  • Care and at home Maintainence? Sulfate free shampoo that won’t strip color. Pastel blondes may require a purple shampoo to maintain tone ( like kms blonde shampoo or clairol blonde available on line )
  • You can color it back close to your natural color yes however covering the color does not change the fact underneath its colored and could be damaged. Long term care is required. 

So the darker the hair the harder it is, the more work needed and the more upkeep.  Can it be done? Of course it can be but takes time and know how. 

You got a mouth full of hair?

Nothing worst than going in and getting a mouthful of hair, kind of a mood breaker if your locks are not maintained!

Shaving it could be an option but let’s talk Maintainence in case you don’t want to go bald. Guys with stubble, their face will act like Velcro and your hair will stick all over his face, which in itself can be ok unless your out with friends or family. Then it can look like things are getting hot when it was just an innocent peck intended. 
Let’s start with a few things you can do to prevent this!

  • Leave in serum like Cristali liquid by Alfa Parf which closes the cuticle and keeps the cuticle surface smooth. 
  • Regular trims, removes split ends which in turn creates smoother surface. 
  • Pony tail, keep it high which will keep your face and neck free for playtime. 
  • Pre planning is better if you can manage to shampoo and condition before it’s better, remember the smell of your shampoo on wet hair is like a wet dog, it’s not cool so dry it!
  • A little perfume inside your hair so he can’t smell the smoke from the night before your hair absorbed in the club ( when you said you were home watching re runs of friends)

We hope this helps you not giving your guy fur balls, the rest is up to you!