5 things to know before you become a mermaid

Anyone on social media will have seen hundreds if not thousands of pastel colors, some real some fake and possibly a few of you have thought about it ( maybe only for the sheer shock value ). Well before you pick up the phone and call your local salon here are a few facts to think about before you take the plunge in the deep. 

1. You can’t create this look in 1 hour, 2 hours and most likely 3 unless your hair is already very light. It needs to be lightened. How much depends on the final result and how dark your hair is. 

2. Once your hair is lightened the pastel color is applied, the more even the hair is in depth & tone the more even the pastel tone will be. 

3. How long will it last? Well I would typically say 3-4 weeks if it’s looked after but depends on tone, depth etc etc. 

4. You have to use a sulfate free shampoo ( detergent free ) to reduce fading and maintain intensity. You have to use conditioner every time you shampoo to make sure cuticle is closed. 

5. Can you do it and color it back if you don’t like it? The easy answer is is yes however you need to be sure beforehand unless you have unbelievable condition hair and have loads of time and money or it’s just a waste. 

Now there is a lot more to it and we suggest you see someone’s work before trusting anyone with this as it is easy to miss the goal and get average when with a little more effort and training it could have been incredible. 

The eyes see what your mind tells it too

We all see a pretty picture and appreciate it straight away, we see a person and take more than looks into account then draw our own conclusion. Have you ever wondered how someone that is appealing to the eye but not in a typical way ( not saying they are not attractive ) can have far more appeal than anyone else?

A lot of beauty is what you see but also what you feel, it’s the energy we give off that is makes us more beautiful or attractive. The challenge is how to make sure you give off the right vibe or “Pepe le pew” in your attitude and not a fake know it all that only focus is yourself. 

No matter what stage you are at we all have to daily feed our minds the right message so we can achieve our goals no matter how big or small it all starts internally with good vibrations! 

Alfa Parf Milano Asian hair Awards 2016

In every Industry there is a deep rooted desire to be the best and be recognised as a leader, an opinion maker and a success in your chosen career. Alfa Parf Italy together with their Asian partners every year hold “The Asian Hair Awards”. This year it is being held in tropical Bali. 

Earlier today Rod conducted a workshop for hairstylists from Asian, showcasing his take on the current Alfa Parf collection. 

It’s a fantastic platform being Director of Education for Alfa Parf India to be part of the larger network of young hairdressers from around the world!

Stay tuned for the final looks!
Thank you Alfa Parf

Sulfate free shampoo is the new normal

It seems like only a few short years ago that finding a Sulfate free shampoo was a challenge let alone find people who knew about it and the benefits.

One of the reasons why we use Alfa Parf both professionally and retail is because it was one of the first to ensure all of their products are Solfate & Parabin free. 

What does this mean?

It means so much in terms of Color and the intensity of your Color lasting longer. 

The Ph value of your scalp is maintained between 4.5-5.5 as it should be for maintaining healthy growth. 

The internal moisture of your hair is not stripped, the cuticle is not stretched too wide so it remains stronger and is able to close tighter therefore making it glow and shine more ( less frizz )

A hair are brand that’s first priority is hair integrity vs anything else is a brand I certainly want to use hence its our key product in all of our salons. If you have not used or experienced Alfa Parf you really must you will love it!

Understand you want have the bathroom over flowing with bubbles because Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the detergent in the shampoo so expect less bubbles. 

Your hair is making you look like Knob!

Gone are the days when your talk about your hair is 12-15 days I get it cut, sounds more like the routine of rotating your indoor plants rather than a hair plan!

Often we hear the same thing from  guys, ” I want it short, should look different but can’t look different Monday to Saturday because I’m in a office”.  Sound familiar?  We can’t look and act like everyone and expect to be noticed no matter how good at what we do, we all need to keep everyone excited about our look and personality. 

No you don’t have to shave your head to resemble a knob, but I guess if you did it sure would turn heads!

So no matter what your searching for, be it the perfect job, that promotion or your idea of the perfect girl before you think your the catch of the century with your splashing of 90’s labels your highly tucked pants with your branded belts make sure your hair isn’t so off track it’s cross country!

Does conditioner cause hair fall?

Let’s start again and try and forget what you know, what you have read and what your parents, grandparents and go through some facts why, how and when soy our hair has every possible chance to be in the best condition possible. 

Choose your shampoo & conditioner based on hair texture and no matter what your desired end result you have to use conditioner. If you open the cuticle  you must close it, if you don’t condition and some people think because they want big hair they should leave it a bit rough by not conditioning it. The truth is it may but will cause a little rough hair getting a touch more fullness that day but will leave your hair in bad condition and open to spilt hair and damage.  

Let’s look at the most common myths about using conditioner. 

  1. Myth-Conditioner makes my hair fall. No this is a myth, it closes the cuticle and makes the hair shaft smooth. When your hair is rough it sticks to each other so imagine there is 100 hairs falling ( naturally per day ) you wash it every 3 days so now there is 300 hairs that have already fallen in your hair that will come out once it’s washed. Don’t be fooled thinking it’s falling more than normal. 
  2. Myth-  I want full hair so I don’t condition it. If this is your goal then your approaching it wrong. Don’t use a conditioner and your cuticle will be open, the moisture levels reduced, your color will fade and spilt ends get worst. If you want fullness then look at using a styling product like Sea Salt Spray by Label M or Resurrection Dust by Label M which will easily give you a level of volume that will keep you looking like the lead singer in a 60’s girl band. 

Saturday, it’s time to bang!

Every season someone will say they are in and others will say they are out, some will say long and over grown others will say short. So basically whoever you believe someone has to be lying or misinformed right?

Bangs always have a place, it’s not about being on point with bangs, it’s about being on point with the overall look/feel you have or going for. 

Depending on the overall length, look your going for etc adding or altering your bangs can really change the overall look dramatically. 

5 Things to be careful of when getting bangs

  1. Your hair texture and density have to be taken into account eg; thinner hair the bangs should be one length or close to it or it will appear thinner. 
  2. If your hairline & growth pattern is full of attitude, keep the weight and length longer to avoid twists and bends ( unless you want movement in that case perfect )
  3. Never let anyone cut it wet, it will shrink once it’s dry. ( micro bangs the exception )
  4. Don’t be scared to experiment with changing your bangs each visit, it changes the overall look dramatically. 
  5. Don’t use too much product in your bangs, it shouldn’t need it, you don’t want product touching & running on your forehead all day. 

Now if your keen for a dramatic change but don’t want to cut your hair off why not bang it?

Yes your cut should be coming with instructions

You have all most likely had your hair done at some point and before leaving the salon thought ” FML it’s never going to look the same” right?

It’s a fairly common problem and we recognise it, with training and daily practice of course your hairdresser can get it bang on, the right equipment and a room full of product right? Well no, we don’t believe hair should be that difficult in fact 2 styling products is our maximum goal because who has that much time to style their hair. 

How can you get salon hair daily?

Easy, seriously!

1. A good stylist should be going out of their way to show you how to recreate what is done in the salon. 

2. What products to use, why, how & when. 

3. How to dry it, the brush needed the direction of the air. 

4. Options on styling because it’s boring wearing it the same day in and day out. 

5. When you need to come back in to make sure it looks good all the time. 

On top of all of this, there should be a plan in place, an evolution of your look so to speak. Transition from season to season or if you have a little commitment issue with styles then it can be month to month. 

Regardless of where you live, what you do with your hair you should be able to work within your confort zone and abilities to hair salon hair everyday!

Hair Trends Fall Winter 2016

Yep you read it right, winter is around the corner! Feels like every year by the time we stop complaining and get used to each season the next one is here. 

This season with hair we have some very cool looks that are gaining momentum in the “real world” which are easy to do and give a lot of versatility with styling. From Sea Salt styling spray to Matt paste it’s all about free moving hair that looks effortless!

So what cut’s are in?

The Lob with either solid overgrown bangs or micro bangs

The mullet, again bangs are optional be it short or long. 

For the guys?

Disconnected is in but undercut is out

Texture texture! Keep the sides short with a smooth taper finish

What’s happening with color?

Similar to makeup contouring, hair color contouring is the big thing now, whilst some play it down it’s real and it works. Using various shades and precise placement of color we frame your face in the most flattering way. 

It’s plastic surgery without the knife!

Bippity bop we are not a One stop shop

In a world where convenience is not a luxury but everyday life, it’s a battle to be everything for everyone every minute of everyday. It’s not a challenge it’s actually unrealistic. 

We see so many startups and established businesses being proud they do a little this and that. Seems everyone is developing an app for booking everything from a taxi to on line hair appointments and going to extreme lengths to be average at everything but master of nothing. Sure there is a market for that, it’s not us and never will be. When you try to deliver great everything I’m sure most people if your honest will admit it rarely happens ( in fact I’ve never seen it ). 
We believe in being the leaders in hair and will put all of our efforts to continue to do so by concentrating our focus on education. 
We are a hair Salon, we do awesome manicure and pedicures and we do not do makeup, beauty, spa, waxing, laser hair removal or sell tacos or chicken tikka although I’m sure if we did they would be awesome 🙂

So just like Olympic athletes train for one sport not all, we too train to be the best at certain things not everything for everyone. After all wouldn’t you prefer your hair being done by someone who takes the craft serious with passion with the only goal to do their best in one thing?