10 things to do on Valentines Day for yourself

For a lot of people there is a pressure to do this or that on the one day you are meant to be smothered with love and affection, like it, believe it or not if you are not shown something there may be a feeling of being left out or unwanted! Now not saying you should be but chances are you may be, if this is you we have selected a few things you could do for yourself that won’t leave you feeling unwanted, unloved or on tinder swiping like a freak to try and get some attention!

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  1. Go to the movies by yourself, watch whatever the hell you like!
  2. Go home drop your pants and order take out, get the calorie counter in overdrive who cares, get fat today no one is watching
  3. Cut your hair, shave your beard, get a color, a tattoo or a piercing! Who cares just do it
  4. Go shopping, buy someting new for yourself and don’t care about anything or anyone just do it!
  5. Turn your phone off when you get home and sleep early
  6. Get on the net, get the next flight out of town and dont tell anyone just go!
  7. Go out for dinner, sure places may be filled with newbie love that may end up making you barf your mains out but why not
  8. Buy a new car
  9. Book a massage
  10. Go home and entertain yourself lol

Hope this helps, now chill the hell out!


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