Tricks and tips to getting and giving the best blow… out

When it comes to how to give an awesome blow out we know a thing or two! We thought we would help with sharing a few tricks to getting the best results. 

And for all those who are not paying attention we are talking the hair type!

  • Hot air dries the hair, cold air once it’s dry and hot will set it in place. 
  • Trying to style when it’s dropping wet causes breakage and damage. 
  • Always use a leave in heat protecting serum. 
  • Do not over shake the hair or it will go frizzy, it’s not a cocktail. 
  • To get the hair smooth finish with a blast of cool air using the nozzle. 
  • Dry in the direction of the cuticle. 
  • Do not burn or let anyone burn your hair whilst they try to “set it” it’s not the way a blow dry works or holds. 

Try these few tips and see how you go!

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