The tomato soup is on the boil!


Before you scratch your head thinking what the hell am I talking about, I will save you from all the trauma of the guessing game, we are talking about those dreadful days when your cousin TOM has come to visit (time of the month). Not that this phase is less than a short horror movie, were you’re not only bleeding your guts, but also going through the worst stages of mood swings (Scene 1 – you can’t recall the reasons that makes you mad enough to kill someone to Scene 2 –  when you burst out loud crying for the silliest reasons). We all have a fair share of the horrifying experiences, but what we all tend to ignore or maybe have not researched that much, is how much it affects our hair.

Cramping pain was not enough; that now you also have to go through the monster zit phase with your hair looking like you just got hit by a bus (Perfect tragedy).  Don’t sulk, as we have a little info that might guide you through your and help you maintain healthy hair.  Let’s surf through the stages.

Just before you start looking for the hot water bottle, you’re levels of progesterone and testosterone increases which leads to an increase in oil production of skin glands. Which pretty much explains why some of us look like we poured a bottle of oil on our scalp and our face, the best way to deal with this sticky situation is to use dry shampoo, and have frequent showers. The plus side, this is the best time to dye your hair according to experts, as having slightly oilier hair actually  helps to protect the delicate skin of your scalp from the chemicals as they sit on your hair.

During the time when Tom’s visiting, the ideal way to get through it is by stuffing your face with chocolate ice cream, and taking endless hot showers, Lol. On a serious note, when it comes to your hair you’ll notice that your scalp will become particularly sensitive, which means you should avoid any treatment that can cause you further discomfort, e.g. when you are getting hair extensions, or you decide to go green, pink or fiery red (Ideal colour for your mood), or do chemical straightening.

After the leek week you’ll thank god for the end of all the drama and excess oil production. Your hair might feel drier than usual as oil production of skin glands will reduce. If your hair is normally dry, you may need to condition it more often to keep them healthy. Even if we all have different types of hair, it’s still the best time of the month to do deep-conditioning.

Overall, just pamper yourself and your hair, and we all have Netflix to fix the rest!


By Konika Dastidar

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