How to sort through the crap

When it comes to marketing we all are inundated with ” we are the best ” type marketing. I know when looking for anything be it a product or service I look into everything before making a decision. How can you trust a company who says they are leaders but behave like a ┬ámum and

Should I spit or swallow?

If your like most people every now and then you get dished up something and put it in your mouth, slowly roll it around thinking I really don’t want this but it almost feels too late to just spit it out! It could have been at a relatives house for dinner or after a night

How to evolve your look

In life at times things get a little let’s just say blah, doesn’t matter if we are talking about work or relationships we have to make an effort to keep ourselves interested and interesting. With our hair we tend to get busy and forget to evolve our look from year to year let alone season

Change is as good as a holiday

What crap! Give me a week on the beach any day I say, but I do know that feeling when life has become a little boring, your routine has become more like a checklist rather than a life. Well maybe it’s time to spice things up? Yes there are a lot of things that can

Choosing the right color for your skin!

Anyone who has ended up with a color that looks like you did it yourself will attest that coloring hair is an art and needs to be done right the first time!  Unlike coloring a wall or a canvas, each time you color your hair damage is done that can not be reversed completely.  Some

You think about getting Roots at 3am?

It’s 3am and you must be lonely, but we know that there are some night owls out there that take pride in stalking the internet for things be it the perfect little black dress, the perfect holiday destination to OMG I need my color done! Nothing will keep you awake more than realizing you skipped

Reserve one extra chair for my Birkin

Everyone has there one prize possession, for some it’s there indepedance or there free spirit for others it’s there vintage Birkin. Some people take there BFF to the salon and they wait whilst getting there hair done others reserve a few extra chairs ( one for there bag, one for there maid, one for security

Still not feeling 2017?

A lot of people peak there motivation for 12 months between 12.01am on the 1st January to about lunchtime on 2nd then go back into the same habbits both mentally as well as physically. Different people say different things about how long it takes to create intention into a habit and reform behavior but I

Your what is bigger?

Recently there was a discovery of epic proportions that a shoe size in the UK is different to US and completly different from manufacturer to manufacturer ( let’s just say this was a new discovery for the only person left on the planet who didnt know ) Just like different parts of the world decided

Glow in the dark Hair Color

Yes you read it right! We are looking for 2 hair models to be part of this first in India to have glow in the dark color! If you think your up to it, or know someone who has the personality that would totally be up there alley please pass our details along.  Need to