10 haircuts you must check out guys!

So we all make out like there is such a huge difference between styles or a vast difference from this hair cut or that, here is 10 mens haircuts that fundamentally are the same yet all have small differences, could be the length or the way it is styled. If you are tired of the

What looks best on your face

Getting the right shape beard is the key to loving your man scape and if you get it wrong it can add weight and make you look a little odd. Its super important you get the right shape beard to bring out the best look possible! Rule of thumb is if you have a round

Beard + Cut, get the right combo

Having a corporate job, you need to wear a suit but on the weekends you want to look like you’re the drummer in a rock band. The struggle is real! What you have to remember guys is that one element can be rock n roll whilst the others need to be more refined, this gives

Is your hair actually that much different?

Now we all know we want to look different, no one wants to blend in unless your in a line up for a crime you didn’t commit! if you look at your hair and talk to yourself, you will most likely convince yourself its very different to everyone else, its slightly longer, the color is

Are you burning your hair?

you want it to look good right? Then why do you go for your weekly blow outs and allow the hairstylist to fry it? Sure you indulge in the occasional deep fried chicken but the damage your causing your hair is going to eventually cost you the length. If you have had multiple colors or

Bangs…Yay or nahhhh

When the trends come back full force and you really want to be part of the masses and do it, your way its a matter of working with your texture and hair to make sure it actually works! You have long hair and are going to try bangs, do it because if you want to

First photos of Kylie Jenner’s baby girl

Ever wondered if what life would be like if your parents were international celebrities? instead of summer holidays in a caravan or a tent? I guess everyone thinks life is better on the other side of the fence and it not until you are there that you realise nothing really has changed in fact the

Birds of a feather flock together

Everyone is doing it, everyone is talking about it and everyone wants it or do they? A lot of time marketing has you believe that everyone is doing something, in fact when they are not, its a big mystery in fact if anyone is doing it, but yet you still think everyone is. Well this

Guys, choose your haircut carefully!

You may be one of those people who searches on line for the prefect next look and you finally find it and no one on planet earth is going to convince you its not right because you want it! The reality is that there are times when no matter how much you want it, its