Pop the Champagne

A year ago we opened our flagship salon in Meherchand market this week! Anyone who has been in business knows nothing comes easy and it has had its ups and downs but we have to say we are overwhelmed with the response. “Choosing a quieter market where parking is easy and the vibe is Art

When your blonde hair looks yellow

So you have lightened up your hair now you look like a canary? Lightening hair is NOT a DIY type of thing anyone should be trying, no matter how many YouTube video’s you watch everyone’s hair is completely different and it’s history unique.  Now when it comes to getting the exact tone your after it

Every day is Holi!

Color is such an amazing tool and gift and daily we take for granted. With hair the options are literally endless and just like any art, takes skill, practise and education in order to be able to understand and deliver colors that pop to colors that last.  We all know what blue, red, green and

India answers to Justin Bieber list of demands

Justin Bieber obviously talented and clearly a little anxious about coming to India gives list of demands so he is in the right state of mind and to be honest we get it and to be fair it’s not that extreme.  We caught up with his local Indian tour manager Ajit who was a little

More than one way to look at everything!

Well France recent move to elect a president that does not have a one sided view on life nor is an extremist makes us all live in hope.  With everyone’s life now moving faster and expectations bigger than ever for not only now but for our futures we have to look at everything with both

Healthy hair diet you will thank us for

To have healthy hair you need to do a few things and none of which you can swap or change. It’s not a bargaining thing it’s facts, you can not have a good diet and only sleep 3-4 hours a day and expect to be full of energy. Just like you can not skip gym

Men’s hair summer ’17

Men’s hair has never been more easy and free this season with a definite trend towards more casually styled hair.  What’s in this season Tapered hairlines are still in! Disconnected is in The quiff  Texture & curl is cool Ombré on shorter hair, giving a beach bleached surfer dude Beards are short and moustaches or

Please adjust your settings

Be warned this information could alter your perspective of reality! Ever wondered why some companies can claim they are the best yet they completely suck? Why they can say they are the biggest yet all that means is that consumers are stupid? They are the fastest, meaning they managed to find all the gulable people

Booty call hair

They say that people form an opinion of you in the first 30 seconds of meeting, so unless you have a kick ass tinder profile or only meet people at 3am when the lights are off you need have your A game on!  📱 Rod Anker Salons on 011-41010011 now and raise your chances of giving the

Must be 18+ to click on link

Please be advised that the following must only be seen if your are 18+ as it contains nudity, sexual reference and obscene references.  As sure as the sun rises and sets we will continue to be real! If your after sexy AF hair then we are your Salon!