The product scandal only good salons will tell you!

There is nothing like a good clean out, can be your car, bathroom cabinet, spare bedroom or your closet full to the brim for the last 6 months. Our minds are exactly the same and every day, week and year we keep stockpiling utter crap into them, every now and then it’s good to wipe

The best 5 hairstyles to try out for New Year’s Eve 

Well it’s less than a week to go before 2016 ends and we all welcome 2017 with open arms and bigger expectations than ever before!  Here are a few looks to get you thinking about how to wear your hair this New Years Eve.  Nothing more disappointing than missing out on a booking so pick

2017 the year to Bang

We have always maintained trends come and go, we re hash them make them relevant and the circle of fashion is again complete. 2017 is all set to be the year that we all want change, the easiest way to change your look completely is bangs! After all there at times when you want a

Santa is coming

Yes it’s the night before Christmas and you have been running around like a kid that’s had too much sugar and just realized your hair looks like bollocks?! Here are a few ideas to get you ready for tomorrow so your not looking back at photos wishing you had in fact worn a hat all

Santa is Coming

It’s the night before Christmas and while your all ready now you just realized the salon is closed tomorrow and your hair looks like crap! Here are some easy solutions to make sure you don’t regret those family photos for years to come! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New year. 

She bangs 

Looking for the easiest way to change your look then maybe it’s time you got banged up 😜. Here are some various options of bangs to make things a little easier to choose because by now you know any bang is not always a good bang ( pun intended ) Bangs are always in, depending

5 things not to do in the salon

So besides the fact that it’s Christmas week, let’s make it clear a few things you should not do in a salon ( in no particular order ). We know for a lot of people they search for a salon based on location or price or even Facebook numbers! If you want a whatever salon

Tucked in updo is back

Winter is here and with it comes it’s own set of fashion challenges, the dreaded task to look good or to keep warm! Well the tucked in hair trend has been around for a while and maintains a regular appearance when the temperature drops and if done right we kinda like it! We already hear

Hair up’s for Dummies

Even if you have the hand eye co ordination of a elephant we decided to drop a few looks to make this entire holiday season a little stress free and you can a little more time celebrating! All of these are easy and can be done on dirty hair, in fact better on day old

Color decoded

We all say words, that to us have a definite meaning based on our life and our experience. Your feelings or thoughts on those words and others is not correct or incorrect it’s simply different. Let us explain a few examples to make sure we are all on the same page because it’s super important