20 Men’s cuts from 2017 you must try

The year is almost over and you guys have been as erratic as always but there are a few trends that stand out and here are some!  The Fade, possibly the biggest trend and still going strong  The Undercut, yes 98% have done it or got it already  The taper, tight! Taper and a shaved

Thicker fuller hair in one sitting! 

You have all at one point or another asked for more fullness like it’s a magic pill or treatment you can take and suddenly your hair will look like “Cher” well here are some facts on how you can finally get your wish! No you don’t need to toe a helium balloon to it and

How to find love

We like to think we know a lot about, well most things but we don’t like to keep to ourselves after all if we did that then you wouldn’t know how much we know right? Put your tea down Shirley, listen up! We know you have been looking for that sweet spot, that one little

We do Hair Botox!

Want to get the ultimate selfie with the perfect lips and hair? Dying because you have less hair than your your younger sister, next door neighbor or cousin?  So how can you have thick bouncy AF hair that will change your life?  Well there are several ways we do it and it works really well,

Concealer won’t hide your BS

We all have one of those friends or seen a commercial that claims if you use a certain product or use their product your life will be complete. We are the best, this product is unique etc etc 💤  Or your friend has verbal diarrhoea that clearly doesn’t remember the stories they told you 3

You want her to treat you like Jon Snow

You water your plants right? Well at least we hope you do! Just like a bonsai your beard needs to be manipulated into the right shape, wait what you thought you just don’t shave it and boom 💥  No idiot! It needs to be looked after, just like your girl if you want her to

You have been doing beach waves wrong

If you have heard of beach waves chances are you asked for them at one stage or another and possibly the look was I point. As the name suggests your hair changes in texture when around the ocean sea air, the salt content adds texture and encourages hair to move and hence the loose wave

Be self sufficient it apparently is attractive!

Apparently the girls just told us that picking up after yourself, being able to cook, clean and even iron your own shirt is a big turn on!  Who would have thought right?  Well apparently most girls find it not only attractive but an essential trait of a guy, so before you ask someone to do