Explain to me what you are waiting for again

Its easy to say, I will do it when XYZ happens or I will commit when ….. the reality is the perfect time never comes and will never come, if you are waiting for something to change or someone to change the reality is it or they won’t. Time moves even if you are standing

Going blonde with Indian skin?

It’s a frequent question does blonde hair suit Indian skin and the easiest answer is yes if it’s done correctly. ┬áThe sad reality is a lot of the time hairdressers don’t bother to either prep the hair or follow it through till then end. It’s a long process that no matter what you have planned,

Bored af? Here are 5 things to do right now!

Your thrill for the day is seeing your own reflection in the mirror naked and then it’s off to work to wait till lunchtime. After that’s it’s a countdown to go home eat watch Tv then bed! Sounds like you? It’s time to change things up a little! Haircut vs new wardrobe? Haircut is cheaper

No standing anytime

To us one of the most scary places to be is comfortable, its when everything becomes predictable is when things become boring and it is then that you have lost the hunger and thirst to be on a constant change and evolve. Lets be honest though its easy to get comfy, could be on the

The thing that can’t be replaced easily

We just want to point out some obvious facts about Dolls and you can draw your own line to connect it to us and what we do!   You can replace an arm or leg, get new clothes for it, shoes also, can color over the face and make it a different color. You can’t

Tired of the same shit!

I don’t know about a lot of you, but don’t you find yourself bored out of your head from time to time, it normal right. Same people, same places, same conversations and the same challenges day in day out, like seriously is this life? The say you become what or who you spend the most

Is your color washing out?

Firstly apologies if you think after reading this that we think your stupid but we thought to share a few hair facts with you and colouring to make things a little more simple to understand. There are some colours that will fade, tone fades and it is possible however fading in a solid line is

It might be a cool haircut, but not on you

You may be one of those people who searches on line for the prefect next look and you finally find it and no one on planet earth is going to convince you its not right because you want it! The reality is that there are times when no matter how much you want it, its

Stuff that in your mouth girl

So you want to be hot, have awesome hair, eat and drink what you want and everything to be amazing?! Well there most likely is a window in time when you possibly can do this and for those still in those very few years 18-20 go for it piggy. For the rest we have to

You want to blend in or stand out?

Act your age they said as if there is rulebook on what to look like at set ages, you should act a certain way or dress a certain way like when your older you shouldn’t be looking fun or cool, you should be boring and set in your ways. What a load of rubbish! After