Why your brown hair now looks orange

So your not From Hawaii but your hair washes out and goes a orange brown between visits.  It happens and it ends up making your color look like it’s out of a box and not like a rare unique zebra from a tropical island. Here is why and how to prevent it.  Your cuticle isn’t

Hairtat sutsya is it like karma sutra ? 

Got your attention now read the heading properly! If you haven’t found your jam and still on the search for the perfect hair on you , it means your on the search for hairtatsutsya.  Hair that suits you is easy if you come to us!  Pick up the phone 📱 01141010011

Birds with better colors than you

You think you stand out because well, you’re just awesome but the reality is no one can see it. Your color blends into the walls and at night you are invisible. The only time anyone can see awesome is your dance moves and by that stage of the night everyone is looking cool!  Well here

Elvis Presley the barber

Did you know Elvis Prestly was light brown naturally and when he couldn’t get time to color his hair he used shoe polish?  He actually wanted to be a barber amoungst other things and even cut friends hair for fun!  Just goes to show you that it’s cool to be doing hair! 

Facial growth art, a trend?

You want to me a lumberjack bloke with a difference so you decide face art is your thing then this happens……… It’s not cool either grow it or shave it! It looks more like you have a milkshake mo than anything else. Word to the wise expressing your batman vibes on your face is not

Hair art level 9

There comes a time, when art meets hair and it’s bang on.  Or maybe something a little more out there? Thinking Dancing vibes 💃  Face art because you think your Batman? You know your a dirty rat! 

Looking for the best blow out in town?

You have a few events lined up and your going out with your crew so getting it done right is your top priority! Blow dry, I’m talking about blow DRY you filthy monkeys! 🐒  Well we rock getting the right look for you in fact we possibly are the best!  Get yourself into our Meherchand

Bronde melt

Tired of the usual colors and desperate for a change? Looking for something new?  Imagine a color that is fresh but without your typical strips and the annoying regrowth!  Bronde melt…..This is it!  We use 1/2 shade lighter than your natural color with an ash tone and mix it up with our hidden placement of

Two for the price of one!

We all love a deal, a discount or something free, it’s normal. But the reality is when it comes to certain things getting one free or getting extra is not so cool or desirable.  We are the leaders in hair in India, we know what you need and don’t need so that’s why we don’t

So you want to pick up the chicks 🐥?

So guys you have finally realised that your hair may an important part of your game plan, great finally! Firstly it’s not going to be your dreadlocks, it’s going to be how on fleek and well maintained you are #fact We understand staying home on a Friday night is lame, we are here to help.