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Yes you need 3 servings a day

We get asked a lot and I mean a lot about diet and hair growth, some people have the best excuses why they eat the way they do and all are in your head!  A balanced diet enables your body to function the best way it was designed. Like all things, you need it in

How to get Mug shot hair on fleek

So you’ve been caught doing something illegal after a heavy night on the turps. No one is blaming you, we know he deserved it, with with you girl but your hair looks like you spent the night in the back of the taxi…… parked ( if you know what I mean ) A good cut

Awesome hair happens in Salons not under a tree

You may as well asked them to solve global warming and you thought creating a taper cut would be fairly basic yet sadly it’s not! Guys it’s time that you realised that your hair is your outfit, you can not spend 5 min on it and expect to look like a GQ model. Having a

The download on how to keep yourself protected

No we have decided to sell coloured condoms, yet we are sure that some would think we should it makes perfect sense. Well we do sexy hair, sexy hair leads to sexy times or something like that but we are not. We want to give you the 401 on maintaining your hair color.  You can

Grass is not greener!

If your born in one country, you possibly have grown up thinking fairer skin is better, if you gee up in another you possibly grew up thinking fair skin looks skin you need color.  One half wants to be darker, the other half wants to be lighter!?! Stop this nonsense! I think we can safely


Keep It Simple Stupid Often the less you do the more impact it has! You really need to declutter your hair, complicated hair is not cool!

Who wore it better?

Cannes 2017 and such beautiful clear skies and the red carpet is set and the who’s who of the film and entertainment industry all turned out and some pulled out the big guns and even got stylist’s and had planned months in advance. We personally loved Bella Hadid’s look and Rihanna looked hot! When it

It all fits together like a jig saw puzzle

Getting the right look is a head to toe thing and is not judgemental other than the overall esthetic of how it all  works together as a total look.  If you think your head is too big or your butt looks huge then maybe shaving it is not the answer, if you have eyes 👀

When you ordered spicy and got boring

Expectations vs reality is offer a hard thing to match and when it comes to getting the hair exactly right it requires a lot of talk and understanding, to get inside your brain and see what your seeing.  That’s why we always discuss it prior to doing anything else, some say it’s like getting the