This is how we want to find the toilet

Its not a secret that public toilets can be one of the most disgusting experiences of your life, short of using the local tree at times its the only option! If you happen to come into the salon and you have read this then please look at the above image and leave our toilet exactly

When your hair looks more like a horse tail

You have been growing your hair since forever, you don’t know why but its just what people do no? Everyone said grow it long its sexy, now its longer than the question at the Government run banks and as lifeless as the service you will get once you wait. Sure if you are planning a

Gender neutral cuts

It’s 2018, we have boys dressing as girls and girls dressing as boys ( or at least your perception of what certain genders are meant to wear) We have a guy in power in America  who is possibly the most racist person this generation has ever seen! Let’s all stop judging and trying to label

The temperature is heating up

You can not abuse it and then think a little ice will cool it down, if you are constantly abusing your hair then there will be damage that no amount of ” hair spa” or treatment will fix. Yes thats right, your hair is not indestructible sadly. We have a very clear ethos when it

We fix discount haircuts 

We get a lot of clients come see us, that have had a bad experience with their hair and desperate to fix it. Nothing more upsetting than looking like a freak of nature even if it will grow out in 2-3 weeks or in some cases 2-3 months.   There is a reason why we

Sometimes you just have to do it for yourself

Its no secret that everyone has an opinion about, well everything and some will just want you to know it every day, what they think about your clothes, your job, your choice of partner, what your eating and the way you dance. Its exhausting actually listening to it all, its like they don’t have a

Lets talk about your shinny boots

So you have the latest boots, the coolest wardrobe in town and yet whilst your boots are as shinny AF your hair has the shine of a rusty tin can! Did you know that oil will dehydrate your hair? Did you know that over colouring will dehydrate your hair? Did you know that using too

I am picturing you naked right now

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, I wonder what you would look like with short hair, a little fringe or maybe some color. We do, so if you can’t image it, trust us we can! If you want to talk about the what would it be like to have something new then give

20 Men’s cuts from 2018 you must try

The year is over and and New Year has begun, you guys have been as erratic as always but there are a few trends that stand out and here are some! The Fade, possibly the biggest trend and still going strong  The Undercut, yes 98% have done it or got it already  The taper, tight!

Yoga that will help your hairstyle

You have seen what is needed to be done to get your hair looking the way you like it so you end up not trying to do it yourself because it would be easier to be level 208 Yoga master than to blow dry your current haircut?! Then your going to the wrong salon!