When your hair looks more like a Butt

We all have one of those friends who is obsessed with makeup tutorials, buys every brand known to mankind and yet has hair that looks more like a butt than anything else, or is it just us? Tag a friend and let them know that they need to get themselves into a salon like ASAP!

How to protect that bright color

If you have ever coloured your hair you will know that getting it done and maintaining it can be two completely different things, sure every effort may be made in the process however if you do not look after it the intensity will fade! Things to make sure you are doing to keep the color

How much hair fall is normal

You all worry like hell, in fact every single time you see one strand of hair you think you are going bald, yes you do don’t lie! Its perfectly normal to think about some things and its ok to do your research, science is constantly developing new ideas and medicine so it fairly possible that

Two story Hair Salon in Meherchand Market

So it struck us that a lot of people tend to walk around looking at the pavement, of course this can be for our own safety considering the state of some footpaths or lack of, however Meherchand market has a great footpath and is possibly the only shopping market that has a proper footpath so

What will suit you?

We all think we are unique, we all want to be a little different and have a USP to our life, its one thing to want to be different by choice or by design. Some people are born to that way, they want to stand out and question the ” Norms “and will go out

We will teach you how to do it yourself

We are all born with some skills and whilst some people think they know it all, the reality is usually very different! We believe that whilst getting your hair done not only should you watch, but we will also take you through the tips and tricks to make sure you can manage it yourself. Its

Home remedies to Stop hair fall

Home remedies started pre internet and before there were any other options other than to rely on the information passed down from generation to generation, back then it was all you had, there was no on line shopping, no boutique brands and certainly the only research was based on what your family did or what