Men’s hair 2017

One of the most common mistakes guys make is with the choice of hair, often guys choose there hairstyle based on there latest action movie. Which let’s be honest is kind of a generalisation but kind of true too lol. The fact that no two heads are the same makes us think that maybe this

How to hold on to your boo

It’s late and it’s almost like it’s already fading away, it started intense so intense and you did everything to keep it that way. Everyone asked you about it, in fact people just looked and smiled with envy.  You go back through your feed and remember when you were out together, so much fun.  Don’t

Pink or brown?

Now we are not saying regular pretzels are boring so take a seat, we are simply saying strawberry 🍓 chocolate 🍫 coated look way more appealing.  If you see the link in this to plain brown hair then call our hotline  Boom 💥 011-41010011

Why washing every second day is wrong

It’s 40 degrees and your perspiring, your in and out of airconditioning. What does that dried up sweat 💦 do to your scalp? Well let’s talk about it without trying to put you off your dinner for a week! Perspiration is your bodies fluid, a salty substance excreted from your pores, left on your skin

When you were told it would fade

There are moments that a little fade is normal and expected, hair has the capacity at times to retain color if the condition is right and Maintainence is sorted.  Then there are times when fading is not acceptable. Now with so many so called Beauty experts, beauty bloggers, mothers and grandmothers it’s hard to know

How to find the right hairdresser for you!

Well recently we were told you could look on “Craig’s list” for one, but honestly we are not going up reccomend that option unless you’re a backpacker looking for a free ride and possibly happy with some weirdo driving you through the desert 🌵  It needs to be a relationship that both know what page

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So you have a smart phone with Instagram  Snapchat  Facebook Pinterest  But your rollin old school and want to call us? We love a little gas bag on the phone 📱 011-41010011 open 10-8 everyday except Sundays open 11-6 Or for those who like a brighter outlook drop us a note Facebook Instagram

Yes you need 3 servings a day

We get asked a lot and I mean a lot about diet and hair growth, some people have the best excuses why they eat the way they do and all are in your head!  A balanced diet enables your body to function the best way it was designed. Like all things, you need it in