Memberships now on sale

Everyone wants to feel special or loves a deal and there has been some interest lately in memberships to come visit our salon so we thought we would explain what our thoughts are about “Memberships” Sure you may have to shell out a bulk amount to get your special membership rate for the next 3-6

Life in a fort Palace

So last weekend we decided to pack up the car and drive out of town considering the pollution was so bad but wanted to only spend a few hours driving. Didn’t know Neemrana had as many properties as they do and Tijara is only 2.5 hours drive. Play list done, car lollies done but didn’t

Express root

Don’t you hate it when auto correct actually knows what your thinking 😜 Regardless of the headline we are actually referring to trying to go from point A to point Z with your hair as fast as you can. The only time you can do that is if you have long hair and want it

Who wants a free iPhoneX? All you need to do is 

Since the majority of the time you have your head down looking at your phone there are several things to remember before buying an new IPhoneX.  Save time blow drying, just do the top as no one will see the rest.   If you have color regrowth is visible after 4-8 instagram posts depending on

What’s app goes down 

I think it’s safe to say the only thing coming in the mail now are bills, online deliveries and letters from the government. Long gone are the days someone used to drop something in the mail to say hi or express how they felt, sometimes not in a good way lol 😂  Now it’s a

More options than KFC

You feel like a fish burger but want fries, a side salad and a refreshing drink? You can have short hair that is long and dark and light right?  When it comes to color we have more options than KFC and considering Mc Donald’s has all but closed here it’s important to keep things fresh!

Secret to get healthy shinny hair

You have seen the amazing photos online, they advertise it, your so keen to get your dry dull hair looking healthy so how do you do it?  The reality you will think is so basic you will assume we are lying but it’s fact so here goes  Get regular trims, regardless of length or desired