We need head

Basic Education happens in school then it all starts and what a or of people don’t get or want to accept is that after your out of school then the hard work starts! So you can now count apples 🍎 but once you enter the real world, to be successful for the rest of your

Hair protection 101

Imagine you do this with your hair, apply oil and then add some sun ☀️  What happens?  Everything underneath gets hot, dries up and dies. Same with your hair! Oiling is a myth and is not good for healthy hair. 

When your part is your hairline 

When is it time to actually say goodbye? When do you stop fighting with nature and just cut it off? Now considering a lot of men hold on to their hair as if it’s the last line of defence in a war on manliness we have to at times ( us guys ) realize that

Salon Alert

For this who love to message and think the world will stop if you don’t answe the phone whilst your at the basin……we have installed this!

Summer & fresh AF

The temperature is on the rise and as a community announcement we thought we needed to remind you of a few hair care FACTS It’s true, we all believe what we want to believe but there is fact and fiction.  Here are a few more common things that do more harm than good and you

Show me the PINK

So it’s seems like there is a movement towards more eye catching hair, it’s fun, in your face and we are loving it! This is Electric pink today at our Meherchand market salon using Alfa Parf Milano colors and we will be sharing the end result shortly!  If you have always dreamt of having a

When you wake up beside a Gorilla

It can be a shock when the sun comes up and the headbands are out, the last season top knot is out and beside you is something from planet of the apes 🦍  Guys, home hair care is as important for you if not more! Guys don’t wear makeup ( well most don’t ) so

Good vibes only!

Isn’t coming to a salon meant to make you not only look good but feel good? Well our resident DJ is about to drop some new tunes and we are excited! Only good vibes allowed!

It’s not a joke factory!

If you have never had 2 sometimes 3 or 4 people doing you hair at the same time your what’s called lucky! Recently I was told about a visit to a salon that a ( now client)  had 4 people doing her hair, two holding the hairdryer and two holding brushes!  For India it seems

Hump day solutions 

It’s hump day which means mid week! It’s a proven fact that when you love the way you look, you feel better about yourself and are 73% more likely to be a better person! Ok so we literally made that up 🙊 but you get the idea right? Look good feel good and it’s mid