When your hair is so old it needs a dust off!

It seems like yesterday you got a fresh look but in fact it was a long time ago, for some of you the 10 year challenge saw vertically no difference with your hair.

I know you might be thinking so what it works but if you are honest with yourself you may just agree that a change is needed. 5 degree change ever 3 months and before you know it you will be looking different!

Plan small baby steps, one small change every time you go to the salon, remember to change it doesn’t always have to be drastic, can be a styling change too. Best not to stay awake at night and stress over it but don’t be ignorant and let things stay the same. Nothing more boring than looking the same day after day, week after week, year after year.

Get on Pinterest and save 4-5 images of hair you like and next time you come into the salon let’s have a chat about it!

Looking for something fresh to do with your hair this season?

Fashion week is here again and the weathe is starting to cool down, all signs that you need to change things up a bit and get yourself a new look!

If your one of those self obsessed people that love wearing labels it’s time you started thinking about your hair! There is nothing more last season than Hair that is the same month after month, year after year.

Can be some small changes every 8 weeks eventually evolving into a new look but it should change.

If your stuck with what to do then come see us and discuss what options you have.

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Fresh AF

There is so much going on in all our lives it’s honestly hard to keep up, boo sits down for a coffee date and barely gets eye contact looking at each other’s phones. We want to be connected so 1 hour off line causes some to get anxious. Work demands a 22 hour day as no one gives a toss about what is realistic, we all have an agenda, we all have selfish self serving addictions.

Fig & Maple

Yet no matter what we always make Sundays our day, sure there may be a bit of work thrown in but it’s always about being our day.

What habits are you feeding are they positive or negative?