Winner mind chatter

Funny that some people judge others, not really in fact I guess it’s normal. No one knows the reality, no one knows your journey except you, know that but also understand that’s the same with everyone else so we all should not be too fast to draw a conclusion! There is no such thing as

Breaking news Putin has deep ties in Russia

Reports just in that Putin has multiple ties in Russia!  Late last night it was released by several news outlets across the globe his involvement in various businesses and people.  On the outskirts of Moscow called Sergiev Posad it is reported that Putin has been seen eating chicken out of a KFC 12 piece box.

Rod Anker has landed back

Yep after a few extra weeks in Australia after presenting for Hair Expo Australia, Rod is back on the salon floor! We are fairly sure the landing was better than this, although we are told the in flight entertainment was not!  Call for appointments 011-41010011

When you ask the wrong person for hair advice

Sadly a very common problem is asking the wrong person for hair advice. You ask a plumber plumbing issues, electrician electrical problem, doctors medical problems.  How hard is it to understand hairdressers do hair, not makeup artists, not dermatologists, not fashion stylists actually hairdressers who have studied the science of hair and what it is

How to choose the right pastel shade

Even once you have decided it’s on like donkey Kong, the decision then remains which shade to go for! Once you have made the decision to do it, pastel that is! There are so many options you may end up putting it off just because the exact shade you can’t decide on. Best when you

When you wanted highlights but became a zebra

Back in the 90's way back there was a moment, a very very short space in time, you could even call it a speck. Ok a speck in time, maybe even a glitch in the universe it was that small. Striped highlighted were cool. They are not now! Stop getting your hair done at the

Information error

Unlikely our computers have this level of sarcasm, although it would be funny if they did! Earlier this week someone shared with us a hair disaster story ( which we really don’t need to go into (  although we will ) which made us think we humans are really stupid sometimes.  Googling cheapest hair salon