Are you wasting money on hair products

If you have ever been to a salon and got your hair did, you most likely have experienced what we are told is the most annoying thing, a persistent push to sell you things to fill your bathroom cupboards that will do very little to recreate the look or maintain the condition but they look good.


Now we are not saying you don’t need certain products however there has to be a balance between what you actually need to create the look and what not essential. We think that there is enough “things” in this world that are on the list of could do without that we don’t need to add to it.

If the cut is done right will it sit the way its intended after you wash it with little effort?

Well depending on the look and the style, lets say you have straight hair and you want to wear it curly then unless there is a natural bend to some extent, no it won’t, if you have fine flat hair will it be full after a wash and go, no. Saying that the cut makes all the difference and can encourage the movement required but its not going to work solo and not need any support or assistance from product. The key is getting the right products, typically we believe that any more than two products ( other than a shampoo and conditioner ) is enough. No one has the time, money and space in there bathroom for 5-6 products to get that perfect “natural look”. But I guess if you do there is enough products on the market you could certainly do it, but we like to keep things simple.

If easy going hair is your thing then give us a call

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You may have a expensive building but it doesn’t mean you deliver luxury!

Recently someone called our Salon super Luxury and whilst to most that would seem like  somewhat of a compliment, we heard it and almost pushed him in from of the bus! We are not a luxury Salon, are we cheap no, is it a nice looking salon, yes so why wouldn’t we call ourselves Luxury?


Well its as basic as the picture above say’s, if you put an expensive light on the pole, does it work better? Do you see more? Is it a better experience driving down that road?

The answer is obviously no right but yet some people often think the fittings of the building dictate the level of service which is totally the wrong way to look at it.

We certainly didn’t go the cheap route for the salon but we have kept the design simple because we think its important to put our time and energy into the training and level of service we deliver.

Its not up to us to tell you that avoid a salon that is expensive looking and try out the cheap looking half baked ones, its not at all what we are saying but good to be aware of the traps and avoid falling into them.

Low fuss haircuts you need to try

its one thing to get a new cut and another thing if you can manage it yourself, no one wants to have to visit the salon to get a blow out every few days, apart from the fact no one has the time, its expensive! We believe that the true test of the cut is when you can manage it yourself at home, we take the time to teach you and show you the tricks we use so you don’t need to come every few days and get a blow out, you can we would love that but we have better things to do as we are sure you do too!

Here are some fun easy fuss free haircuts you must try!


If you have curly hair then this is it! the right cut, with a little texturing and the right products and a few tricks on how to style it this is virtually fool proof!


Your hair is wavy and you like it long? Then this is hot AF and super sexy hair, you do not need to over do it and thats the trick!


Remember your mum taking you to get a cut and you ended up with bangs that were that short they needed to last the term at school? Now its cool, thanks Mum!


Now no matter how hard you try to sell the long hair thing, short hair on woman is HOT, a bowl is not only cool can be one of the easiest cuts to maintain on a daily basis if done right!


Ok so your lazy and really think hair is whatever and have the confidence to carry it off, then this is everything! No tricks needed, no products, no fancy blow out will change it, it will be the same daily!