Our Crew

I remember back when I started hairdressing ( yes ok it was a while ago! ) you basically went and walked into a salon and asked them for work, which I did and in the last year of school I worked 2 weeks for the experience and was offered a job at the end of it. I honestly don’t know why because I hardly spoke to anyone, just cleaned everything and didn’t stop until I was told to go home. I guess they either saw something in me or they thought finally the salon will be clean either way it was the start of my career which I will never forget.

Today ( a few years later lol ) things have not changed that much, especially if you want something bad enough, there will always be hurdles but eventually you will find your way. As we are a young brand ( certainly not a new player in the market however the brand is young ) we are on the look out for people who love people, people who love hair and love being creative.

A little Q & A with Rod and our HR team

What do we look for in a Team member when recruiting?

We look for honesty, passion for different and a hunger to do things differently. As a brand that embraces and encourages new fresh approach to almost everything we do. We frown upon subservient and encourage our people to have an opinion and express it every chance they get, professional yet as an equal to everyone no matter who they are.

Why is it so important that you want people with an opinion?

Strange question but ok, well we deal with people right so conversations happen ( this is normal ) people talk, opinions are required to have an equal conversation or we might as well talk to the mirror, which in fact some of us do! The team are trained to tell you No if needed, to tell you which color they think works which one doesn’t and to tell you your music taste sucks ( if in fact it does! )

Do you train your staff?

From the moment they start we train all of our staff daily, it is part of our DNA, its who we are and what we strive for. Education is the key to anything, we never know it all and never will say we do because we don’t ( we know we are good, but claiming to be the best is not our call to say its the client ). Biggest problem we have in the Industry Globally is training, some people think training is a once a year standard course to send everyone, we believe in individual training based on needs of the team, no one person can ever say they know it all, because you never do. The logo or brand may attract people and if your in the right location you may initially be busy but it is the team that will attract repeat business, through education and bringing out the best in them that makes a successful salon

Is it true if someone has a sick play list they may get recruited just based on that?

Hmmm did they come with it on a zip drive? No seriously if someone has a cool element then yes your halfway there, but not there needs to be a little more than just that

Is Hairdressing a good career choice?

30 years ago in a suburb of Melbourne I started hairdressing and it has taken me all over the world, met amazing people and now building this brand the answer is yes! If you have a “Can do “attitude and like dealing with people and their unique needs then this is the right choice for you, no two days will ever be the same, no two people will ever give you the same experience and no two heads of hair are the same.  Is it glamorous, being backstage at fashion shows, fashion shoots, television and films the simple answer is no, but it is fun!

Rod goes to get coffee

Whats Rod like to work with?

This is off the record right? ( yes yes )

He is completely Mad, at times a little hyperactive with a obsession for details, if you think he never noticed I can almost guarantee he did and if he is not happy you will be told lol. He is passionate about education so very particular about the small things which makes it a great training platform, too often we all get lazy.  He doesn’t eat lunch, he drinks more coffee than anyone we have ever met ( seriously we wonder if he will start shaking any moment uncontrollably ). Jokes aside he is completely transparent and will only drive you crazy because he wants the best out of you. #bestbossever ( please add the hashtag it may smoothen things over ).

We pride ourselves in being International in our Salon culture, so it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, who your daddy is or how much money you have. We respect everyone the same, its called 2016 get used to it

If you think you have what it takes drop us an email to HR@rod-anker.com with as much information about who you are and why you think you are a good fit for our Salon