The dude behind the glasses

20 Questions with our Creative Director “Rod Anker”

Rod – Australia

India – Last 9 years

Hairdressing – Almost 30 years

Hobbies – Being Australian thinks he is a Master chef ( he isnt ), photography and travel

Favourite place he has been – Vanuatu

Favourite place he wants to go – Scotland

Favourite food – A little sucker for anything sweet a little like Homer Simpson when it comes to donuts and love Goan chicken curry

Short hair or long hair – Love love love short hair on woman, I think it screams confidence and power and powerful women are a turn on

Person who you would love to do their hair – Lindsey Wixon mainly because someone has a little girl crush on her but honestly dont have one

One thing you can’t live without – My Girl…..and Wifi

pet peeve – People who crave attention and poor me syndrome

Life quote – Let’s do it already!

Life Goal – Live & Love

Music – I have the best collection but had 100% nothing to do with the playlist, its off bounds for me

Holiday destination – The untravelled road

Plane or roadtrip – Come on Aussie, it has to be road trip with the cool playlist from the girl

Out with friends or home alone – depends but leaning towards home alone

If not a hairdresser then what? – Photographer or Artist

The one person who inspires you creatively – Merrylin Boro my business partner

Mountain or sea – SEA

Sky dive or Skuba dive – neither ok maybe both


Full of opinion but not full of Ego, a genuine dislike for the ” look at me culture” and loves alternative, has a passion for hairdressing and the people in the industry and loves nothing more than to help them grow and develop themselves to be able to be independent and thrive #visualarchitect