New York New York

Well with over 29,000 acres of parkland in the city and over 800 languages spoken it no wonder why the city is rich with diversity and when it comes to fashion weeks, no one on this planet does it better.  Now in terms of  hair this year, the proof is in the pudding that Prior

French plaits

So with the likes of Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian to Kendal Jenner are all in the last few weeks getting braid on which has caused an influx of braiding that has bought it back from page 3 to main story.          Love it right? So try it next chance you get, do the entire head

Blow me

    Balloons of course!  But if your one of those people getting your regular blow out and feel the dying urge to dictate step by step how to do it, because it is your hair ( which in fact is true ) you know who you are, admit it you’ve done it maybe even

Confidence with hair

Your hair screams a lot about who you are as a person and your personality, I know for some woman there husbands have a lot to say when it comes to there hair ( not sure why ) but everyone is different I know from a very young age my father would not dare say

Free love peace in 2016

Yep the 70’s look is back and the last half of 20/15 we saw it was gaining momentum with the shag and now it’s on a roll and we are loving it. Camille Rowe via Pintrest I think it’s safe to say, go burn your bras and get out your cheeky shorts summer is coming!

Watch your mouth

Very often some of us ( yes me included ) have razor sharp words coming out of our mouth. I for one rarely will apologize because, well that’s me and I like that aspect of my personality ( I always regret holding my tongue! )   It’s Friday so let it fly at least once and

You are what you eat

  I grew up with the understanding of quality in quality out when it comes to food and from a young age we were all taught about the five food groups. Yet some people still think that they can skip a few and it hardly matters, but want the best of everything and it just doesn’t

Authentic Hair + Authentic marketing

The way we get information has dramatically changed in the last 5 years and daily it is changing at a pace none of us can keep up with, a few hours away from social media and you feel like you have missed one full season of your favourite sitcom and you cant function without catching

Art + Hair

So recently I have had a yearning for inspiration as creatively there are limitations when it comes to hair here in India ( lots of reasons and I’m not complaining just tends to get a little bla after a while not diving into the unknown creatively  ) Creative inspiration comes from life even tho it’s

New Salon New Brand

We are in the people’s business, connecting with people, talking to people and making sure we have raving fans that love the fact that besides talking we do awesome hair! Down to earth but we have our heads in the clouds and our smart phones out because we know the world today is all about