What happens when you don’t condition!

It has come to our intention that a lot of people don’t condition their hair because it makes their scalp oily, If you are one of these people you have been using the conditioner ALL WRONG! before you get your knickers in a twist let us explain, calm down! Sure we hear you, you like

We now offer Naked Yoga classes

There has been some who have said we write about nonsense and to those people we really don’t know what to say, we thought about it and decided to not react instead we are opening Naked Yoga classes starting from 29th February and we are taking bookings now! So if you want to get your

The cost of being a dreamer

Growing up I recon I was fairly lucky, was always encouraged to dream big and whatever I wanted it was achievable, nothing can stop you! Now whilst that is encouraging as a child sooner or later you grow up and realise that life has a lot more depth and issues than simply just dreaming and

Could this be the haircut of 2018

Throughout time style changes and evolves and the beautiful thing is that it gets re worked to be current given life and the things that have changed, This Bob is everything, the length, the texture is beautifully feminine and easy to maintain so much so you need to do it now! Styling this is easy

Coffee + Donuts with Mohit Kumar Sain

We had coffee with Mohit this morning and touched base on life and hairdressing! Having worked with Rod for the last 5 years there has been a lot that has happened from several seasons doing hair at Amazon Fashion week to various photo shoots for fashion magazines to putting up with Rod, he sure needs a medal!

10 haircuts you must check out guys!

So we all make out like there is such a huge difference between styles or a vast difference from this hair cut or that, here is 10 mens haircuts that fundamentally are the same yet all have small differences, could be the length or the way it is styled. If you are tired of the

What looks best on your face

Getting the right shape beard is the key to loving your man scape and if you get it wrong it can add weight and make you look a little odd. Its super important you get the right shape beard to bring out the best look possible! Rule of thumb is if you have a round