How to protect your hair color this Holi

Holi is a festival that is invasive to say the least, if you are all dressed up, hair done and head on then expect some random person to think its ok to throw coloured powder or water on you regardlessly! Now whilst if you choose to play this game, or celebrate it could be fun

How to get your hair Summer ready

If you have not been outside in the last week, summer is here and it has gone from 20-30 and its only going to get hotter for the next 6 months and if you don’t act now you will be left with dry frizzy hair for summer! Easy things you can do to get yourself

Hair foods to eat!

So many opinions about what food to eat and what is the best for hair, skin and nails when any qualified nutritionist will tell you the basics which is the 5 food groups and cover all of them and live a healthy life with enough water and sleep your body will function the way it

When your hair has been chewed

Too often we see clients coming in having been to another salon and the cut looks more like it has been chewed rather than cut by professionals, now this is not a dig at anyone just stating the obvious and its sad. Hairdressing is an art and needs to be respected as it is or

When all you talk about is size!

Every single day, advertising use the terms, Biggest, fastest, certain number of outlets etc etc but have you ever wondered how this makes any difference to you? Isn’t it better just to be the best rather than the fastest, cheapest or biggest? We will grow but we will always maintain our vision and quality and

Why is your color fading or growing out too soon?

You have spent the time, money and effort to get your color done but it fades why?   Lets clear the air by saying that your regrowth growing out is not color fading, this is called your hair is growing and a seperate issue than your actual color fading. Here are some reasons your color

India’s coolest place to get your hair done

Now not blowing our own trumpet well I suppose we kind of are but we have to say judging by the cool people we know, it seems to be the trend that this salon is it! So guys if your looking for a new haircut or just plain sick of the hair you have then